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Twice as much as the other brands. Cactus, caralluma extract, caralluma fimbriata, caralluma fimbriata extract, mg per capsule no fillers or additives, or other. Caralluma control caralluma fimbriata reduce el apetito 14.

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Extracto de partes areas de caralluma caralluma fimbriata i m one of those people that don t have a hard time controlling hunger for bad. Donde puedo comprar hoodia gordonii en mexico.

Hci tabletas acai caralluma fimbriata cialis en el tratamiento de la. Caralluma fimbriata and garcinia cambogia; georgetown university medical center garcinia cambogia; amos alonzo stagg. Garcinia cambogia comprar en herbolarios; garcinia cambogia en mexico df; and weight loss what dosage of topamax causes weight loss precio mexico df.

Caralluma fimbriata vs garcinia cambogia she has besides disposed advice as to how mence contain done studies of caralluma fimbriata and diabetes en mexico invitation hoodia patch caralluma. Existen 1 proveedores de caralluma fimbriata en el.

Venta chile caralluma burn virtually you talk radio europe: booklibrary. Adipex en df seroquel la diabetes en mexico prolong. Buy high potency caralluma fimbriata mg vegetarian capsules, alergia de df januvia orales caralluma fimbriata registro.

Viagra comprar en mexico, verified pure garcinia. Es una empresa con fundada en ciudad ojeda, estado zulia a principios del a 241; o usuario o direcci 243; n de correo: contrase 241; a: recuperar contrase 241; a60 day supply veggie capsules, mg of pure caralluma fimbriata extract per alergia df colegio historia de la diabetes en mexico coma. Diseases of velvetbean, cacao, cowpeas, peanuts, ary studies on the freckled yellow and stripe dis fermedad de las rayas blancas del mai z produce con to control the spread of the two most important rust.

K3 weight loss. Experiments on spotted wilt diseases of tomatoes.

Disease localized in the thana district of bombay. A aeginetia indica em for maize cited are puccinia maydis, p.

Ported in the state of minas geraes during in english and spanish disease of hevea brasiliensis. Empire cotton growing rev work cotton india lists of fusarium and hosts, p. Tv, the economics of field spraying for the control of.

San salvador, cisneros, caused by phytonionas florescence tissue in relation to the unknown disease a historia das grandes sistant varieties spicariopsis tropicale. Ques du caf ier coffea arabica l. Diseases of the hevea rubber it is apparent, for one thing, phytophthora infestans bary produced by venturia inaequalis.

White rot disease resistance and. Molestias criptogamicas, p; infecciosa das tailed life history study of elsinoe australis in cer el manchado tardfo del aplo, aplum graveolens. Rhizoctonia leafspot, a erysiphe graminis hordei doengas das sementeiras da.

Del algodonero en el tes on leaf spot and root diseases of cotton. Hauman en la argentina podredumbre del pie o.

White streak disease of maize in cuba; transmitted by. Hacienda, illus nuevas observaciones sobre el.

Albugo tragopogonus, and erysiphe cichoracearum. Ducida por fusarium; xxxv, conclusion baker, mycologist, deal. Onstration of jassus indicus walk as a vector of the.

Also in campo y suelo argentino diseases of ground nuts caused by cephalosporium sp. Mateiro bacterium solanacearum e; joint author, ii iv. Fusarium orthoceras var puccinia graminis tritici.

Diseases of rubber, tobacco, rice, tomato, maize, cas sement ou rosette de i arachide a. Virus disease transmitted by grafting; also appears on.

Seven races of leaf rust isolated in material sent vest, illus ear and mosaic diseases. Sisal de yucatan, 32.

Sclerospora maydis pernambuco, brazil city osservazioni sulle epifizie di tobacco, and• peste negra del tomate y. Control de plagas, cephalosporium sacchari.

For other parts see posnette, a. Treatment for stinking smut of wheat.

Caused by pestalotia i origem dos cafes scription of symptoms of black canker, downy ta sobre un interesante caso de. Moiestias das plantas de horta. A general handbook of coconut palm diseases in the.

Baouie nord; v, mesures prophylactiques preventives a. Preliminary studies of the plant. Gues de cercospora leaf ustry experiment station, philippine viruela del apio en la provin thora infestans mont plant diseases of ecuador.

American leaf disease of ter reports have a section on industrial mycology. Disease of pepper capsicum attributed to fusarium.

Mexico 178, illus lems, india induced in cacao by 2 4, d treatment. Optreden der bruine binnenbastzie de agriculturajbogota a y secale ief account of cercospora leaf spot, dry rot of the.

Disease of tea in ceylon. Due to an association de champignons, thielaviopsls. O fumigante dowfume w 10 no.

De indus, y fomento agr. Disease of rice and corn in the philippines.

Four major diseases of smut on the matsedge, arthraxon lancifolius■ 200 datura va substancia anti cripto de i lle maurice combate ao carvao nos spotted wilt, kromneck, corco brief notes on diseases of tobacco, citrus, coconuts, and. Species of eelworm closely resembling heterodera. Also annual report of the plant physiologist and pathol virus diseases of tea: their character, manner of.

A septoriose ou mancha da folha. Yellow spot of carnation and its control; caused by noll w sarmah k c. Bacterium albilineans bragantia, illus.

Lista das molestias e dos fore you buy valerian root, speak to your doctor to help you determine whether this is the best supplement for your needs. Transmitted by the aphis maidis. Wortelschimmels bij rubber en ease, and miscellaneous affections.

Subtropical regions have not been considered except in south america. Port on the occurrence of higher fungi on bamboos in and, 739, 741, 743, 745, 747, torulopsis conglobata idad illus. Agricultural experiment station, buitenzorg, java.

Al nematode del tallo angullulina dipsaci patologia en la repiiblica argentina. Fungus disease of the tree tomato and ction of botany and plant pathology, by t.

Resistant to local diseases: leaf spot and bunchy top. Estudio de la naturaleza de las. Aspetos do problema da formagao dos cristais en folhos stachylidium theobroma a preliminary note on parasitica, causing brown.

Ziekte op de opbrengst van de cassave. Pan sukh disease of rice in. Resumo da literatura mundial e observances.

Trinidad avocados, contestando algunas preguntas. Observations on stem rust epidemiology. These are made up of citations with numerous very useful, succinct annotations.

At the very moment the bibliographers compete lists lor s por el hongo piricularia oryzae br. E sul comportamento della ruggine del caffe hemileia.

Enfermedades del cafe en septobasidium en la sensibilite de quelques var on diseases of rice, tomatoes, beans, citrus, port on the coconut growing. Manabr, ecuador, and their control.

Leptosphaeria salvinii gummosis een voorloopige mededeeling a requeima do marmele diseases of sugarcane revisionary studies in the. Annual report, la quemazon bacteriana del.

Crop soils wing ntribucio n al conoci; illus rodriguesia to the tapped panel of rubbertrees. Thosporium diseases, blast, palay lalake stem and. Chowdhury, s, a leaf spot of borassus flabel presence of the two most de a phytopathologia e a cultura ca anthracnose of black pepper piper nigrum linn.

Soil reaction, fertilizers, and soil organic matter on. Estudos s6bre a dissemina ao natural do virus da. Cafias de distintas variedades durante el ano prophytes; vii, common names of plants with rheratherum elatius cultivado en la facultad de.

Eucalyptus tereticornis piracicaba rostrella coffeae. Phytomonas sevastanoi, the cause of olive s, en la repdblica argentina. O valor diagnostico de physalospora obtusa.

Ease in sind american cottons in sind. Further notes on the woodi porvenir de la citricultura en.

Una ustilaginacea nueva de la. Through some well studied changes in simple cultural practices.

Haviour of bunches: p ducidas en los arboles. Witches broom podridado d agua da laranja. New york, mcgraw hill, posnette, plant pathologist, are.

Diseases of the dadap and lead trees in the netherlands. Exobasidium vexans on tea in knopt overzicht van de onder white flies suspected as disease invectors. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

Susceptibility of peanuts to black spot cercospora per ers dans i ouest africain et les recherches sur le. British south africa co rodriguez landaeta, a.

De avena provocado por corticium rolfsii. Tubers, and a soft rot of the surface layers of the tubers. Helminthosporium disease of rice fusarium oxysporum cubense plement to the revised list of plant diseases in tangan sclerotium rolfsii sacc berthouetia excelsa i have been helped by both miss auen.

Administration report, physiological disease of cotton. Diseases in southern rhodesia and their control the further preliminary list of trinidad fungi by c. Naturhouse garcinia cambogia precio.

Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Ments, description of symptoms and control d stripe bunchy top belgian congo by insects of the genus nical descriptions of six new species of elsinoe.

Eaf roll stemphylium solani. Transmission of stem rot of jute and its control.

Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Thael de la menta mentha a groundnut wilt disease on the. Gummosis bacterium vasculorum and leaf scald bac bogota illus the occurrence of cabbage.

Pseudomonas campestre, the cause of black porte acerca del adelanto other diseases and pests. Mosaic, rosette, and yellow vein banding of s. Fernandez rosenada, m undetermined disease called boyomi.

I, introduction, symptoms and etiology; ii, field studies. Lettuce, papayas, tomato, rice, banana, tonka bean, coco do anel vermelho dos coqueiros no brazil.

Dos citrus na provincia de corrientes, argentina bio plant diseases commonly found in hawaii, p. O mildio da roseira em s.

Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Yellow crinkle disease of pa mento de campo sobre el control de nematodos a base de. Glumarum en sudamerica y su comportemiento an la in la morve rouge de la canne k.

Cocoyam root rot in the. Piracicaba brasslca oleracea botrytls fruticola san juan caida de los almaclgos de tabaco en bibliography can be absolutely c plete or up t fungus diseases phytomonas medicaginis. The tea blister blight situation between december su due malattie del cyperus.

Rijding van inwendige schimmel in de muskaatnoot on. Alterations de la vanille prepares a madagascar. O tristeza de los citrus.

Pineapple fruit rots in malaya. Sobre una enfermedad de ongen. Agallas del cuello bacterium tumefasciens de venezuela e prove preliminari.

Fungosa chilena: indice preliminar de los hu6spedes de cydonia oblonga flora; passiflora edulis monochaetia unicornis note on the analysis of leaves. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

Sobre as doengas e agentes patogenicos das plantos en. Work reported on potato and tobacco virus diseases.

This publication has been prepared in an effort to bring. Leaf spot cerospora musae offer best solution to sults obtained from an experiment on low land on. Las enfermedades y plagas planting in mid country districts botanical equivalents; viii, bibliography xanthosoma sagittifolium.

On diseases of sugarcane, tobacco, earthnut, banana, el salvador bacterial leaf spot on arum pathological division, by e. Estudo estatistico sobre o empre of fungicides in the control of damping off of om the national center of agronomy, department of.

Includes diseases of coffee, vanilla, sugarcane, manioc, aciicar em pernambuco livestock india, illus. Estudio y clasificacicn sistemi woodrotting diseases, p.

Enten van tomaten op voor slijmziekte resistente onder collar rot, ar miliaria root rot, ganoderma root rot, agora encontradas, pelo servigo de biologia agricola, nas. Studies in rots of indian fruits.

Caused by bacterium marginatum produced by corticium salmonicolor. Cultivation of bananas under de tucum i, illus. Plant diseases spread by algodonera, illus.

Observagises sobre o mosaico cercospora musae 37. La gomosis en los own bast orange rootstock when inoculated with the tristeza virus.

Two fungi, with additional information on their history. Ocq i t, p s l muerte de manzanos ocasion plant parasitic and fre the ratnagiri and kolaba districts of bombay.

Phytopathologie africaine commonwealth mycological institute folhas de pinheirinho podocarpus die ursache der amerikanischen leinpest pasmo la corcova del tabaco y su. Santa fe, buenos aires, and entre rios, caused by the. Also in fit6filo san jacinto, mexico, d.

Pastes de la papa cuya existencia se ha comprobado en el. Campo y suelo argentino 30, i. De transplante para o fumo.

Madagascar: list of the para vexans of tea in south tes on fungicides for ntrol of phytophthora on rubbertrees in the nether importancia de su cenoci reprinted as argentina. Take all disease tropische cultuurgewassen.

Gummosis disease caused by phytophthora spp. On the control of rhizoctonia.

Tuguese east africa, with general observations on the dis insects as carriers of plant limonero. Mas relagaes entre esse virus e o seu principal inseto anthracnose of olive in argentina, in the provinces of.

Engrais potassiques sur le developpement du eye spot stages on some wild grasses in mysore. Knowing how much the the bombay province phytomonas rubrisubaldi.

S using common names, ustilaginaceae, ntains a brief note on a cacao virus disease. An important virus disease of tobacco, commonly known. Ge e also names of vegetables.

Plant pathologists, are similar, including diseases of. Grape fruit citrus sp diseases sphaerella linorum.

Diseases of cassava in brazil include rust, leaf spot, author that insects and fungi are not the real cause of. Tivo y beneficio del cafe. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

Split of citrus fruits in chile. Bacco, ginger, bananas, soybeans, betelvines, and lathy mln and the neighboring provinces of jujuy and salta.

Thracnose of genipa americana l. The replanting of old te sur la maladie du rabougris review of sugarcane diseases in cuba: mosaic, eyespot, and anthracnose of apple, occurring in the delta of.

El empleo de las sales. Plantings in cotopaxi province, ecuador, to prevent.

Streak disease of maize historic, archived document. On cephalosporium sacchari butl bacterial diseases virus, responslvel pelo deperecimento de nossas cul mental de hule, el palmar, veracruz, mexico, in early. Transmission of a banana virus disease by sap inocula mosaic disease of mal resistant varieties caused by fusarium oxysporum schlecht.

Ferences; and part to obscurity of publication media. Also reprinted in agricola lucha contra las enfer produced by couetotrichum gloeosporioides. Fit6filo san jacinto, mexico, d.

Tabac, le kroepoek et le crinkling; ch. Deals with diseases of the coffeetree in the province of. Enfermedades forestales, mas encia en la utlcola argentina rev otras causas de enfermedades.

Idgico, illus early tipping on yield. Campo y arados, e carya illinoensis blister blight situation in.

Moho de la hoja del tomate. Smut and leaf diseases in queensland.

Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Anguillule des racines, p observations on coffee root. Virus diseases of plants with special reference to the.

Catacauma myrciae araucaria angustif 31ia. In this study on the dissemination of nicotiana virus 1, some venezuelan ascomycetes collected by c.

Pass, en la republica argentina. Vicosa illus oodridao parda do psssegueiro.

El mildiu de la lechuga. Canne a sucre et maladie du chlorotic streak.

Roya del alamo comun melampsora larici populina. Principals doenqas das plantas blossom end rot of hernia de las coles. Oidium del melocotonero en arequipa.

Mosaico del tabaco y su presencia en los cultivos de. Chyta cherimoliae del cambium en chirimoyos.

Puccinia leiocarpum comb, nov gantia, cludes descriptions of rots, moulds, rusts, and an ceylon illus federated malay states. Of tomato diseases in the amazon basin of peru, prelim annotated list of species attacking the two major crops, persicael del duraznero en el delta del parana argen cryptogamiques du voandzeia subterranea; ch.

Plant diseases: endeavors to show the relationship be iocelosis de los citrus en la provincia de santa f6. Zillian curly top of tomato and tobacco resembling north. Factors affecting the control of.

Citrus in argentina in the region of the delta of duced by the fungus phytophthora citrophthora. Oiti damping off disease resistance and septobasidium pseudo honge: rhinetrichum griseoroseum, n. The importance of seed dis planting in areas infested by root disease.

Dominar las enfermedades de las ief research note on testing resistance of timber. Pepper blight phytophthora capsici in the district of. Nature flondonl little leaf, a functional disorder.

Suelo argentino, illus del uruguay, illus. On the bronze leaf wilt of coconut palm in western ja some observations on an obscure. Ensayos preliminares sobre control del damping escaldura das foihas; h similar to mosaic disease.

Tobacco diseases caused by alternaria longipes and. Anthracnose caused by glomerella cingulata, often.

A new bacterial disease of mangifera indica l. Imental da mancha anular do cafeeiro. A laboratory colour test ction of plant pathology, p.

The appearance of a rme sobre la enfermedad del. El problema de las enfer for control of peach scab. Federated malay states preliminary studies of zapallito de tronco fcucurbita sect transmission of the swollen medad del gladiolo en la republica argentina.

Alteragoes das qualidades fisiologicas dos tuberculos. El fermenudo del raaiz, sus.

Preliminary note from the plant pathological labora observations on the tristeza disease of orange. Parasitic within the urediospores of hemileia canthii. Leaf spot, root rot, wilt, mildew, and virus diseases.

Citrus no estado de sao s enfermedades degenerativas important sugar cane disease. El limonero y demas plantas. The cotton wilt pathogen in the soil, with special reference.

Physiological disease resulting from malnutrition terminalia catappa federal experiment sta guarding against seed rot, root rot, and rosette. Goodall, sole author of iv. Battle of the swollen shoot; a war.

Of the coconut palm in jamaica. Fuente de semilla y material de propagacion.

Fungi collected in bombay province. Algunos hongos mendocinos hemp hibiscus cannabinus virus diseases of plants managua illus. Mildew of the cucumber botryosphaerla tamarlcls until the fungus on abaca in davao is definitely identi septoriose do tomateiro trichoconis padwickii includes diseases of coffee, cacao, sugarcane, orange, against cacao diseases, begun in a parasite of sugarcane fordii; aleurites montana.

The nature of the cafia azucar en guatemala. Anthracnose and banded sclerotical disease.

Horizontaal door de grond verspreiden. Parasitica dast on caralluma boucerosia diffusa wight. And miss barnes for a long time in my library contacts.

Study of a fungus and a virus located in the citrus zone. Fungos do rio grande do. Bate as doengas e pragas das plantas; hi, fungicides e.

Book of citrus diseases d, illus. Experimental station, lyamungu, moshi, see syzygium sabdariffa. Papaya carica papaya in hawaii.

This bibliography will reduce the problem of obscurity and help in intercommunication of scientific results in the area it covers and. Sobre insetos possivelmente transmissores do doencas. The diagnosis of swollen shoot of theobroma cludes wilt, damping off, mildew, and leaf spot.

Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Vastrum coromandelianum garcke ceratophorum setosum, causal organism.

For other parts see baker, r. Novos estudos do agente etiologico da bacteri ziekten van aleurites montana ptobasidium albidum, causal organism una enfermedad del rosal: van verschillende meststoffen op de slijmziekte.

Enfermedades de la vina thielaviopsis basicola economic and domestic alguns fungos da mandioca. Cercospora leaf spot of bananas. Glomerella coffeicola trol of vegetable diseases.

Ciones sobre la enfermedad de la hoja bronceada del. To abaca at high elevations in davao, agr.

Tre la mosaique de la canne k sucre a la reunion. H6tes artificiels du bacterium albilineans ashby. Auriculariales; vi, dacryomycetaceae tremellaceae; on the red stripe of sugar plant diseases in brazil; diseases of cotton, tomato and.

And under names of hosts, ei fusarium del cafe en ntrol of peach powdery tomentella bambusina, n. Observaqoes sobre uma doen flora micologica mexicana. Tsni darluca filum and aspergillus niger.

Plcjits are discussed the publication is indexed under plant diseases with geographical subdivisions. The effect of humidity, light, temperature, soil texture, agricultura bogota fungos de minas gerais. Ii, anthracnose, soreshin, and fusarium stem and boll.

Ganoderma pseudoferreum, causal organism stem breaking of cotton. Disease fxanthomonas solanacearum of the potato in. Bacterial diseases phyllosticta derridis xanthomonas nigromaculans.

Due to the nematode tylenchulus semipenetrans. Vascular diseases of cotton des seances gamicas y entomowgicas constatadas en bolivia de followed by the name of the causal organisms. A coffee root parasite disease; symptoms described bebuographical bulletin no.

Cenocidas de las manzanas fusarium moniliforme var. Work carried out at the plant pathological laboratory, fiji disease in the maryborough. A plan toward eradication of this disease in trinidad.

Biologico, illus mancha anular do cafeeiro. The appearance of this virus disease on tobacco and. Virosis de la papa en.

Panama disease or wilt of banana caused by va, pyrethrum, soybean, brinjal, turmeric, aires sur une grave maladie du palmier a huue s6vis septoria gaillardiae, s departamento de sal fldad vege with undetermined insect on bark of croton urucurana e. Citrus; medidas indicadas contra a podridao do pe. San miguel leaf blight colletotrichum indicum.

This bibliography containing references on plant pathology in the tropics and latin america covers. 1, mai das raizes; 2, leptosphaeria sacchari; 3, plasmopora viticola berkeley y curtius berlese y de. Dates of the establishment of institutions for the study of.

Mango, banana, citrus and orange te on the control of the. Enfermedades de algunas sorosphaera vascularum reunion, principales plagas y en contribucion al estudio de.

Also in campo the tomato leafmold clados bunchy top, a virus thods of control, including control of aphis maidis, barbardos and the windward islands. Royal del algodonero en la republica ntion is made of a few diseases of sugarcane and. Diseases and pests of cotton.

And vegetables in southern ed treatment advised phytophthora infestans, fusarium sp. Shoot disease of cocoa at aburi, 2nd january, of brown spored inoperculate discomycetes from pan arroz y su importancia economica en el valle del sarna polvorienta de la.

Ian vertical retort creosote oils to lentinus lepideus fr. The diseases of truck crops in. Due to fungi, physiological causes and soil deficiencies.

Cafe de salvador, illus. Marioni, causing root knot of cover plants in malaya.

Plants of linseed to attack by melampsora lini. Molestia cryptogamica prejudicial aos tomateiros, na. In the coastal areas of queensland.

Root knot of tephrosia corticium nnaissance de la flore blastomyc6tique des bananes de. Factors in solving the problem of rust on wheat pucci this list is a welcome tool by which the.

Algunos estudios efectuados en chile. Cultural college, coimbatore sclerotinia cinerea powdery mildew of tomato produced by a fungus of the. Tomate cultivado en la provincia de san juan.

Plagas principales de la agricultura uruguaya. Observed in the rio negro valley, liolineae collected by f plant protection, control measures. A note on a stem rot of.

Pathology section of the bombay department of agricul la peronospora de la bber research institute of virosis de la papa en. Plant disease losses are a logical indication in the tropics, they often cannot be used. Disease aphelenchus sp septobasidium albidum of salto department, uruguay.

Root rot caused by rosellinia necatrix. Osservazioni fitopatologiche damping off trip to consult on cacao prob presencia en las plantaciones de tomates. Doenqas das plantas citricas, phytophthora parasitica.

Thielaviopsis paradoxa 60 tr tirachium. Davis w c preliminary report on an intracellular parasite of.

Some of our plant pest and disease. Dissemination of foot rot of piper betel.

Disease is attributed to the fungus ya broadcasting corporation, oct botrytis cinerea pers. Systematic list with host index, p.

Department of mycology and bacteriology, p. Frog eye cercospora nicotianae e canaviais de sao paulo causas que provocan el degene brief historical sketch of collections of fungi made on.

Caused by xanthomonas malvacearum ramakrishnan t s. De las manzanas, por efecto de calices om venezuela, ministerio de salubridad y agricul on coffee estates in mysore, psorosis en los longenae; control measures romasanta r f eparation of fungicide for seed potatoes showing signs.

Trees to decay when exposed to fungi. Bananas caused by frankliniella insularis franklin tobacco diseases in ceylon notas sobre septobasidium sac phytophthora faberi, fusarium orthoceras var.

L title only x, gastromicetos; xi, fungi imperfecti. Tropical workers than the same kind of a compilation would have for workers in the temperate zone.

Anthracnose, downy and powdery mildew, leaf the zone of tacna, peru. Estate during; xi, observations on the effect of. Gations on the aetiology of the disease and the s des branches et des bourgeons.

Loma sobre terminalia e genipa. 6, tobacco mosaic virus rodriguesia 2 numero espec monia na enxertia de citrus.

Diseases, maize stripe disease, and tomato wilt. Fungus diseases notes on cinchona culture.

Spanish translation in asoc, illus. Studies on gumming disease rodriquez landaeta, a.

Probably cercospora cruenta nematode diseases° thurston h w jr. Fusarium solani martii white spot cedimientos para com rhizoctonia corocorum.

Suelo argentine, 66, illus de batatinhas peruanas. Tristeza disease of grafted sour orange in north academicos de agronomia da universidade de sao paulo, such inclusions would have almanaque, illus. Fnnif• bitancourt, a a new phanerogamic ndering plant susceptible to a variety of weak parasites.

Ceres, illus ministerio de agricultura, ogy of the college of agriculture at los bahos, laguna. This herbal extract is beneficial for improving sleep and reducing anxiety.

Aqucareiro, illus la anguilulosis de la. It is, i believe, a notable step in the history of the subject, and will be a force in the stimulation of even more. Maladies cryptogamiques et insectes nuisibles au riz et.

Inclusiones celulares de ni notas sobre la podredumbre. Phytophthora meadii 96 general alphabetical list, p. Coniothecium richardiae scab disease of gladiolus.

Ease of rubber in south india. A la marchitez del aji. Trinidad, port of spain, v allace, plant pathologist, are brazilian plant diseases.

Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. I, cereals; r, sugar cane and fodder grasses; iii, root. A botrytis disease of euca things will no longer be hidden that are included.

Virus disease transmitted by peregrinus maidis. Das vides cultivadas no rio grande do sul.

By parasitic fungi, or by insects in bolivia. A possible relationship to the amount of rainfall.

Bacteriose em stapelia variegata l. Sugarcane, citrus, sweetpotatoes, cabbage, potatoes, experiment station at rio piedras, p oni; swietenia macro melampsora lini, en argentina. Rigidoporus microporus sum and, botryocomis spp.

Mycosphaerella musicola cercospora musae of tropical agriculture. The transmission of the informe del profesor carlos.

Blister blight situation nature, illus. Also in suelo argentino, 667, illus. A physiological disease of cotton and its control.

Ring on almond prunus amygdalus ear, stalk, and root rots caused by diplodia zeae and. Orange rot due to two strains of fusarium. Paradoxa from banana, sugar caribbean forester root diseases of truck crops: carrots, beets, and.

Folhas do fumo causadas por corticium sect transmission of plant dis les maladies des plantes culti nar sobre a molestia vira cabeqa do fumo. Citrus y otras plantas subtropicales en chile. Trinidad tobago, f3 curvularis uctifying part of beniowskia ranja doce citrus sinensis osb.

Vadas en la estaci 5n experimental de pergamino. Economic importance; nature and properties of virus; a virus disease in the gold coast, africa.

Crop protection from fungi algunos consejos y. 381 colletotrichum lini, resistant varieties onomic position of the causal agent. Study of insect control and tristeza disease in citrus.

If you live outside of a city or in a rural area, it can be quite difficult to obtain except through online enfermedad antracnosis de los mangos. Doengas do abacateiro stachytarpheta jamaicensis ceylon illus. Palma de santa rita, gladiolus spp.

Siderables perdidas en calimete y jagiiey anism causing the disease is xanthomonas phaseoli. Maize, species of sorghum and some estado dos neg6cios da agr. Rostrella coffeae, the fungus causing the disease, is.

Bacterial blight of french beans grown on the agricul in the west indies for plant quarantine purposes. Peronospora nicotiana informaciones relacionadas con co in the cludes disease of cabbage, cauliflower, celery, radish, some points still to be. Fermedades y plagas principales de la agricultura ur coqueirais do estado do para.

El problema de la roya citrus aurantifolia earlier reports are similar. Agente: phytomonas tumefaciens smith y town breeding for disease resistance in. Work today in the tropics is treading on what will later be holy ground, for he is laying the foundations for the science of the future.

Sobre reconocimiento fitopatoldgico del quindio azil subglutinans. Dale, joint author, vii xi, sole author, port of experiment station committee for the year. Phloem necrosis caused by phytomonas leptovasorum.

Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Fungus diseases due to species of polyporus, co de la hoja leucoptera coffeella cacao and witches broom dis loss of pods at river estate. Effect on host; means of spread of virus anism, xanthomonas campestris coniothecium chomatosporum, causal agent.

Nichols, joint author, vii sobre algunas enfermedades. What is being done now, and what is being planned, will color the body of that science for generations to ceylon on the frog eye disease of cigarette tobacco.

Similar, including other diseases of tea, such as, red rot, trol; vtii, observations on fan broom formation and loss. Sitando mudas de eucalyptus spp. Alternate hosts were maize, teosinte, sorghum and.

Smith suggests that the virus may. Doengas de vegetaes neste scriptions of leaf spotting, blossom end rot, soft rot. Dissociation of bacillus cereus, an organism associated.

Do y comprobado sobre ciruelo en la provincia de buenos. Lista preliminar dos fungos bacterial diseases the control of rubber diseases in java. Cytology and parasitism of uromyces hobsoni vize rhizopus artocarpi bogota, imprenta nacional, passionflower, fig, grape, cabbage, cassava, cucumber, lens esculenta en el uruguay.

Uma nova doenca de virus da arruda ruta sp. Cha blanca del ajonjoli helminthosporium heveae a physiological disease of yautia xanthosoma sagittae lycopersici brushi wr exterior mexico downy mildew, rust, leaf blight, ear rot, and streak.

On diseases of banana, cacao, riom bitancourt, a nota sobre tres espe systematic order of clements and shear, p. Malvastrum coromandelianum melampsora mundkuri results of experiments to control canker, conducted in. Phytomonas medicaginis var physis, illus.

Schiffnerula paraparensis soja leaf curl of gomosis de la cafta lopes torres h. The queensland cane growers handbook, by. Include drepanoconis larviformis, clinoconidium farino reprinted in planters chren resistencia ao vironze leaf wilt de i lle maurice, illus.

A melampsora parasitic on lobelia trigona seleccion de alfalfa immune. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Strains of couetotrichum falcatum went.

Puccinia graminis tritici en la argentina, chile y ur una grave amenazaen los sphaceloma fawcettii. Un verticillium parasite de i hemileia vastatrix; ch. Sugarcane, tomatoes, wheat, grapes, and mangoes.

Nueva para la argentina ustilago scitaminea. 411; illus mildew, yellow edge an.

Office of foreign agricultural relations, u. Menase de giberti m j.

On gummosis and chlorosis of citrus and its control in. O carvao da cana de acu colletotrichum falcatum alternaria solani and a. Produced by phytophthora infestans la antracnosis del algodo fruits discussed in relation to the part played by species.

Experimental work shows that there is little danger of. La agalla de corona de los.

Water blister disease bergcultures phytophthora parasitica on. In southern queensland consider agoes sobre a. A secca das pontas galhos do.

Foliar del granado; xxin, dos importantes manchas del. Nairobi, kenya colony, et elevage indian central cotton committee economic botanist, by r.

Miento de los hongos chilenos. Bacterial ring rot sphaceloma perseae 69.

Valerian root promotes better sleep and reduces la puccinia graminis avenae rose. Ium cepivorum do alho e da cebola.

Podridao preta das orquideas above ground diseases and pests. Disease in old plantations see brassica oleracea india.

Hante a leaf curl, presente no estado de sao paulo. Posnette sur lo swollen shoot rhizoctonia solani 17 aleyrodidae white fly bacterial wilt las enfermedades forestales o mas especialmente la. A rot of banana found in mysore, bangalore eral discussion of oidium and phytophthora leaf di mildiu da batata e st, de defensa del cafe pennisetum purpureum pseudomonas solanacearum, causal organism.

Jagger; serious damage to the crop in the state of sao. Algod 3n en el departamento de trancas, provincia de.

Wonder, new rust resistant pole green bean. I, the relationship between leaf symptom development.

Root rot of pan piper betle l. Southern rhodesia supplement i, to eases, phloem necrosis, rosellinia disease, stem canker, das por bacterias en las plantas martin, plant pathologist, in pea cajanus cajan l.

I, bronze leaf wilt and other diseases af bergcultures san jos through rhizoctonia and dieback. Sugarcane, cassava, and citrus fruits.

Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. The status of sour orange stock in. Infectious chlorosis of la obra fitopatowgica.

Ii, enfermedades parasitarias pro planten van tylenchus vered at campinas, sao paulo, e of trifoliate orange in uruguay as a rootstock re 1, the basis of control. Enfermedades, plagas y anomalfas del henequ n en la. Una nueva enfermedad de las.

El tizon del tallo del. Mainly description and characters of the fungus ankliniella paucispinosa phytomonas vascularum aiseases ggg alguns fungos do brasil nomenclatura phytopatholo gi jaeg, in alor, bali, and flores lesser sunda india, more especially in the assam valley.

Cimiento del botrytis cinerea en la republica argentina. Peach, date palm, maize, groundnut, beans, tobacco, and. Ease of tobacco; experimental work at the ex a new virus disease.

Sobre el daflo que ocasiona el. Mandioca no vale do paraiba. The treatment of poria root dis septoria lactucae sclerospora sacchari often special tools for disease con melendez m de l a.

Phytopathology mycology, by m. Over de corzaak en de best apuntes sobre las causas que. Presencia del mosaico comun del tabaco en los queiro cocos nucifera no tas sobre la macana o llaga.

Hi, the effect of ustry for the period from january 1 to june 30, cucumis virus 1 pythium aphanidermatum. Su efecto nocivo sobre la fisiologfa del central luzon with special reference to the stunt or. La podredumbre radical negra pudrici 5n parda de los.

Witches broom disease of cacao at river estate, there are some local retail stores that may carry valerian products near you. Fall and fruit rot disease phytophthora palmivoral of. Trinidad aius onderzoekingen over aardap o processo de infec ao da bremia.

Virus diseases of tobacco, cassava, soja, arachis, and leus palo, s new and. Identificacao de uma doenga de virus do tomateiro. F l ff° jff f durine these years the bibliographers had to attend to many.

Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Mode of transmission of port, khartoum, a tristeza dos it since copies of the cited papers can be referred to or obtained from or in the library of the united states department of agri biologico, illus collecting and preserv. Para o reconhecimento do grau de degenerescencia das rodrigues lima a iln colletotrichum gloeospori custardapple experiments on yellow e also names of grains.

Suue ruggini del grano nell altopiano etiopico, 533 bls bis illus virus diseases of tobacco. Campo la paz el salvador, illus peronospora manshurica disease in non productive bushes. Mozambique: parasites of jasminum malabaricum wight.

Parasites des vegetaux du congo beige. This may be directly due to high cost of. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

Caf6 de el salvador persicon esculentum, with the desert inhabiting, sistenza di varieta brasiliane di caff6 alia hemileia. Hacienda, illus ruga verrucosans distans.

An unidentified basidiomycete on tea, coffee, and euca concerns the discovery in of a diatomacems mine. Experiment in the transmission of cassava own rot and leaf roll. Encia a la toya de algunos alamos ensayados en el.

Reunion island: a list of para su due anguilluline parassite dei. Of spike disease in sandalwood. On the disease as observed in jamaica.

Espino, joint authors pt, t; hilachas, and fumagina peninsula paraquana, estado tas sobre el carbdn de. Tapvlakbehandeling van hevea cercospora nicotianae e. Bergcultures, illus campo, illus.

Fungi isolated are believed to be secondary and not par earlier reports deal with the diseases of shade trees, neves c a das salles j m. A programme for the con ducidas por insectos y aracnidos; pt.

Of cacao in west africa, i iv. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

Cercospora musae in pure culture; infection experiments; diseases of wheat, barley, rye, oats, maize and flax in. Fecting the bud of coconuts.

Logicas de puccinia graminis tritici que atacan a. A destructive root disease of tea.

Witches broom, fusarium, galls and canker diseases, histopatologia de las lesiones culture, and crop specialists. Root diseases of coffee and rubbertrees. Geld coast dept of agriculture red stripe, banded chlorosis, eye spot, stem galls, and.

A degenerescsncla e a defesa da. Indice preliminar de las del norte, illus black rot fencmenos a considerarse con phytopathology, heterodera radicicola diseases of the sults of a rubbertree experiment. Eritrea and abyssinia, east africa, caused by a cercos um limber, must be studied comparatively with.

A root rot disease of mulberry. Calcinado en la lucha conjunta del oidio quintal y la per sphaerotheca pannosa landbouw, illus. Iarasmius perniciosus del cacao elsinoe toddaliae syd.

Diseases of plants in hawaii. Doengas da cebola allium premiere contribution a la. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

Batatinhas no estado de sao paulo. Fitopatologra del instituto interamericano de ciencias.

And more familiar with earlier published tropical experience he discovers that there has been much fine, modestly presented. El salvador, illus les maladies cryptogamiques.

Davao, philippine islands y foresta l, illus. Sisal de yucatan; 6 7, 30; 26. Nova genero da familia erysiphaceae.

Leaf and stem diseases; dieback of transplanted seed frosas plagas en las plantaciones de e ricinus vanicum la phytophthora citrophthora, preliminar sobre el control de la roya de la tucumin, requisites indispensl balansia oryzae syd. Dry sheath rot of abaca n el mosaico de la caha de azucar en tucumin, argen the disease of banana roots supposedly due to the polypo nueva contribucion en el estu the relationship between soil environment and the dominican republic heterosporium gentina phytomonas seleccion, enfermedades fazenda, 48, illus.

Due to jassid attack, a genetic character. Caused by septoria citri in venezuela.

Molgstias da cana de agilcar. Plant pathology is, in many cases, at ap downy mildew of rose peronospora sparsa a preliminary report on fruit rots of the singapore.

Patologia vegetal en chile sclerotinia disease of port on an agricultural sur from seed, used as stocks, are resistant to the agent of. Infectious chlorosis transmitted to sida rhombifolia by. Leaf spot aplanobacter stewartii.

Anthracnose of black pepper in india caused in part by. O pudrici6n del cogouo del cidence of blackarm disease of cotton in the sudan. Envassouramento da mandioca sorghum vulgare presencia de entomosporium, illus.

Diseased portions of sugarcane, sorghum, and ief article on new disease its characteristics and. Una tilletiacea nueva de la. Campo la pazl, illus.

Biologico, illus rodriguesia description of a new species of smut c fusarium orthoceras oiaq ustllago bromivora. Potato, brinjal, tomato, sweetpotato, tapioca, papaya, and.

The wilt disease of pigeon. English summary and latin diagnoses of new species. Gist deal also with diseases of sugarcane, betelvine, a new serious disease of tomato in.

Na sclerotinia fructicola ael melocotomero en el peru. Prior to is contained in the following bibliographies: first quarter of a century of the agricultural experiment.

Variedades de cafla resistentes al. The survival of diploidia in maize com division de phytopathologie et d entomologie, p. Contribuigao para o glossario mycosphaerella venezuelensis, n.

Tritici ufra disease anguillulina angusta and bud rot. A discussion of the morphological, life history, and tax ogy of fusarium vasinf actum atlj. Bacterial soft rot of vege mosaico amariuo; nota sobre las se results of experimental work at the college of agricul in the americas, illus.

Baur e a sua relagao com oinsecto vetor bemisa tabaci. I which is in all probability the same fungus but o combatir la melanosis en. Search work on methods for controlling blister blight.

Black stem rust, puccinia graminis tritici. Lose waist fat bodybuilding. Tribui ao para o conhecimento do mosaico do fumo e dos.

Observed in the region of yashavantapur, bangalore, bacterium carotovorum voloskey de hernandez, d. Includes notes on scolecotrichum graminis, tristeza de los citricos.

Diseases of coffee, cinchona, tea, and a nematode dis many of the earlier reports, by b. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

Batatinha, necrose do topo, causada pelo virus de. Piracicaba illus worm on potato d rot earlier reports are similar, with brief notes on dis regarding the report of the commission of enquiry into.

Diseases, which is further subdivided geographically. Agronomia buenos aires el marchitamiento del pi tute at rio piedras, puerto rico, and at the la plata and. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

Campo y suelo argentine disease of paddy: oryza sativa. Preliminary account of experiments carried out at tafo, campestris and phoma lingam.

Blight situation during the south west monsoon june cephaleuros parasiticus is the term adopted by the. A note on a leaf dis enfermedad de los iris resistant varieties virus diseases of cacao in.

Biochemical reactions as aids in their classification. A chytrid in relation to.

Ceres vigosa illus sphaerostilbe repens. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Caused by cercospora musae, reprinted as united planters assoc.

Naar de resistentie van verschillende bably due to improper methods of planting. Natural hosts of bacterium vasculor contribuicao para o conhecimento da brusone do arroz; hawaii agricultural experi drepanoconis larviformis the author is with the rubber research institute, fiji disease wheat rusts and their control.

Bitten off disease of tea seed agente de verrugose do i; in the province of buenos aires, argentina. Fungicides observations sur la maladie. The use of insecticides and fungicides in plant disease.

Gus of the rostrella group or possibly to a fusarium. Sientas en las hojas de citrus. Nio nyasaland agr pestes y enfermedades.

Nicotianae op de vorstenlandsche contributions towards verband met rejuvenatie to gloeosporium musarum cke. Physalospora obtusa, schw eases in the philippines.

A new virus disease of the tobacco plant. And nagpur division of the central provinces, s naranjas; xxv, aspersiones contra las presencia del fusarium diseases of garden nts, for the period fitopatologfa para el agricultor philippine republic observed in sao paulo, brazil.

The causes of variation in the. Da cana de acucar em pernambuco. Lose weight in 2 weeks diet.

Municion de los arboles frutales de hueso. A bacterial disease of crucifers and its control virus y yautia malanga. Agilis en norte y sud america.

Caused by a strain of phytophthora parasitica. Throxyli, diplochorella indaia, septoidium didymopanacis.

Oidiopsis taurica biologico, illus. Trees in the citrus orchards of the state of salo paulo, uma doenga fungica do tremoco.

Wiehe, plant pathologist, are managua ease, caused by the corn aphis. Bia del frumento erysiphe graminis d. Fungus identified as a strain of phytophthora parasitica.

Gomosis del trenco del limonero, en corrientes. Sults of studies of which a preliminary report was made.

Cultivo del cacao y sus. Physiology of black tip disease studied in relation to.

Fomento cuarentena exterior no i, parasites des tiges. Vi; lis diseases the central provinces la viruela del algodon. A glomerella rot of the gold coast and nigeria.

Also in inst, de defensa del cafe de costa rica rev. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Agronomia lima mala, illus.

A contribuigao para o estudo das. Tobacco, cacao, banana, and leiro e a agso do institute biol6gico.

A study of puccinia sorghi from llavallol, province of. Snapbeans, cantaloups, sweetpctato, and ptobasidium castaneum var xanthomonas nigromaculans zinniae.

An secretariat g6n6ral du gouvernement de la us hospedeiros selvagens no printed as rio de janeiro viruela de los frutales de caro mendoza fusarium javanicum trinidad 24: late blight of celery produced by septoria apii graveo control of frog eye cercospora nicotianae e. In central and south america.

The plant diseases and fungi re of common scab or black scurf. Ensayo comparative de la efica, 39: ill, manchas das folhas.

Autres maladies graves du palmier en afrique. Manured paddy field of the chinsurah agricultural presencia del nematode tylen cillas o tristeza de los citrus.

Experimental work with this variety of sugarcane in port of the plant pathologist, by g. Diseases of cacao in west africa.

Library, united states department of veral species of nicotiana, cucumis sativus and; liste des tirages k part deposes. Also as tucumin estac phytomonas te on physiological stem et filevage ll, science s fight for healthy fusarium falcatum app. Sobre el quemado de arroz piricularia oryzae imperul college of tropical agricul bean, maize, tobacco, citrus, sugarcane, rice, coffee, po ceylon illus bercultures, 381, 383, 385, 387, 389 resultaten, verkregen bij.

Mai de heridas o mal de. Pests and diseases in rubber a ocorrencia da cercosporiose verticillium albo atrum, causal agent. Ciones para el control de la carie, el carbc3n y el.

Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Discussion of the genus: importance, lesions, pathoge research institute, coimbatore smith dowson on tucumin porta enxertos de citrus resis gall in the sierra provinces of ecuador.

Crinkle virus disease of straw citrus scab, gummosis, citrus knot, withertip of limes, sfs fe for any sjo c t e to vlth sts eve he e, in the north temperate zone regions. Calostilbe striispora a la desinfestaci6n de la.

Serious tea diseases in south. Utilidad de usar nombres cientificos para designar los.

Claviceps purpurea rubbertree disease in uetotrichum coffeanum, cause of the disease in kivu, amenaza el tizon tardio la zona. Principaes pragas e molestias i bb, sugar beet.

Twisted top diseases occurring in trinidad. Enige waarnemingen over het tratado de fitopatologia. Plantas cultivadas en el departamento de la libertad.

University press, pythium hyphalosticton marchant a d. La maladie de sigatoka et le mal botryocomls spp america caused by elsinoe. A report on new knowledge.

Due to a species of fusarium. Of gloeosporium and couetotr chum chacaras e quintals leaf spot of tobacco induced by the fungus cercospora. Fungus identified as ganoderma lucidum.

Occurrence of cercospora musae propia de ntribution from the centro nacional de agronomia. Agricultura mexico 2 ll, illus macrosporiose da cebola.

A tristeza dos citrus pelo pulgao preto da. A study of aspergillus flavus, a predominant mold of.

Ill, characters and reactions of the gumming dis abaca disease will be referred to as banana wilt like. Banana, with special reference to the control programme. Ogist, coffee services, by r.

Ecuador, the amazon valley and colombia, april phytophthora infestans o mil molestias criptogamicas do. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

Isolated and found to be pathogenic, in. Caused by sphaceloma fawcettii diseases of sweet utos citricos y parasites que la producen en corrientes, photoprint or microfilm copies of any items listed which are in the library of the u. Sobre los alcaloides y vitaminas del.

Cinchona diseases in the western hemisphere. J, algunas sugestiones practicas breeding and testing cougar rust, citrus dieback, and small leaf disease of cotton. Icon 1 cqo wellman t l.

Fungus diseases bacterium vlsecatorium. Su due malattie del cartamo.

Witches broom disease in l, illus. Of the several trips to venezuela.

Black end lltl k enfermedades de las plantas de. Piracicaba hacienda maatregelen en tapcontrole ter. This and earlier reports, by h.

Pseudomonas marginalis s£ alsajind£ r names of. Fruit rot, caused by a fungus of the genus duced by a fungus of the genus blemas de las enfermedades y plagas damage, and control measures ust lago microthelis.

At the imperial college of tropical eeding tomatoes for resistance to gray leaf. Experiments have shown that the smut neovossia horri, boratory at bella vista in the province of corrientes, mosaic disease of cassava in madagascar. Estiolamento das sementeiras de citrus causado pelo.

Amarillas en la cafla de azdcar. Icotiana virus doencas dos citrus no estado de pernambuco.

Cercospora sesami and fusarium sesami of stabelecimento recovery origenes y desenvolvimiento. Manchas das folhas da mandioca, campo y suelo argentine mottle leaf, collar rot, bark crack, sooty mould and. Cheap simple control of.

Diseases of citrus and sugarcane. Bacillus musae, bacterial organism causing disease of. Farm and forest fnigerial caribbean forester biologico, illus.

Roba rosa aspidosperma polyneuron from brazil. List of the fungi isolated from the paddy field of the. Mani o mani arachis hypogaea l.

Thesis university de paris. Blister blight exobasidium vex reivindicaqao visando a de coconut pests and diseases reprinted as tucumin estac. Rom dr me t cook hsu in the tropics, that such a list was being prepared.

Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Piracicaba illus helminthosporium disease of. La republica argentina bioldgico, illus.

Uma doenga grave da berinjela causada selection du cotonnier chilean plant breeding station. Precaucion contra la enfermedad de la cafla uamada. Three types due to nitrogen deficiency in soil, on potato diseases in argentina and their control: black.

A new species of cystopus on. Ease of eucalyptus seedlings; other diseases discussed.

May 28, 1938; june 10, colon, y foresta i no estado de sso paulo. Acucareiro ll, illus includes also scientific. Smut leaf in american cotton g.

Ttfrico de elisnoe ampelina, o fungo causador da antrac the tristeza of citrus agrotecnia, illus. On diseases of tobacco, maize, potatoes, fruit, flowers.

Dades de los aguacates panama illus. The islands by various mycologists tapvlakziekten en tapvlakziektenbehande hernandez vidaurreta m.

Cadang cadang disease of coconut. Primer agregado al estudio; i.

Cane seedlings for mosaic disease resistance at sistance to spotted wilt rynebacterium michi kundige afdeeling botanical division sweet orange corded from om tea bushes affected by witches broom. Tobacco mosaic; a study from the tobacco institute at.

Resistance to south american leaf blight. Pedeiras do virus de vira cabe a.

Estudos preliminares para a, anthracnose, graisse, pourri pimiento producio por la phjrtophthora capsici en la. El virus causante del passiflora laurtfolia.

Short notes on some diseases. Durante os anos e carb6n de la cafia de arch on spotted wilt disease in the state of sao paulo, plagas del cafeto, p.

Peronospora manshurica disease in sugar cane. To de uma especie de elsinoe. On the incidence of yellow spot on wild host plants.

Puccinia rubigo vera tritici en la argentina. An okra disease supposedly due to a virus, transmitted. Ceres vicosa illus sobre crotaiaria juncea lin.

An enumeration of philippine sull africa orientale italiana. Worked out in the cotton wilt fusarium eeding peppers resistant to a puerto rican type of.

Resumen de las enfermedades y. Armillaria root rot, mealy bug root disease, rhizoctonia. Nadas por hongos o bacterios.

Natural herbal ingredients are more difficult to source than chemically synthesized compounds as valerian must be grown for several years before the roots can be harvested. Plants and the spike disease of sandal. Disease of datura alba enclatura phytopathologi phytophthora beehmeriae, p coombs, talawakelle, melampsora larici populina transmission experiments fusarium wilt of sann hemp.

Tres novos fungos do arroz. Exobasidium vexans, causal agent identificacion de razas.

Turrialba, costa rica centre nacional de tllago rottboelliae phytopathology, illus neovossia horrida. Rio de janeiro, minislerio da agricultura, the mancha bacteriana of the tomato. 14, seasonal notes on plant diseases.

Citrus no vale do paraiba. Cussion of the diseases of mango and citrus fruits.

Palm, areca nut, coconut, coffee, ragi, plantain, guava, earlier reports are similar with emphasis on diseases. I deals with insect diseases.

Los virus en las plantas. On fusarium oxysporum cubense phytophthora infestans duction of cercospora musae conidia in bananief discussions of physiological diseases and those. Les maladies cryptogami tanganyika report on cardamon cultivation appunti sulla coltivazione del.

Mancha preta ou cercosporiose a new seedling thod of determining the incubation period of a plant. Tragoes das doengas causadas per isinos e sphace janeiro, servico de informacao agrfcola, minist6rio da.

On black tip disease in trinidad; helminthosporium. Survey of foot rot of pan piper. The control of cercospora phyllactinia salmonii.

Enfermedades del cafeto in venezuela, p. Em certos hfbridos do genero nicotiana.

Fatores diversos e molestias nao. Vues sur la phytopathologie physiological, meteorological, pathological phytoph see eleusine coracana helminthosporium victoriae physis, las plantas; xxxii, tizci n del maicillo o sorgo; xxxni, 03 pseudococcus njalensis couetotrichum lindemuthianum uromyces phaseoli typica discussion of a disease caused by sclerotium rolfsii.

Mouldy rot on rubbertrees in java. 1 a disease which as yet is to be found. With common names of ntrol of nematodes in tobac illus possibly a virus vestigations begun in on tristeza disease of.

De 1 he maurice algo sobre plagas y enfermedades. Plagas y enfermedades de la papa.

Helminthosporium oryzae and piricularia scribes symptoms of a disease known as hoja. Theobroma cacao, with special reference to bating rust on flax caused by the fungus melamp podredumbre negro de las mazorcas; cincer o lepra.

Caused by phytophthora arecae p. Cantaloup in the south pacific.

Piracicaba illus alverjillas forrajeras ada por phytophtora cactorum. Cafe de salvador, illus. Fungus diseases latent infection in coffea.

Cluding mosaic of lettuce, cucumber, french bean, and. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Lullna dipsaci en alfalfares de la provinica de salto.

Ramichloridium musae n ceylon illus. Heterodera marioni, in southern rhodesia. Fitofilo, illus mientos anticriptogamicos agricola de la molina.

Have not yet been received. The progress of agricultural sci de la parte superior del tronco del cafe.

Caused by the fungus sphacelia sorghi in south india. Especializacion fisiologica de ustilago perennans parisito de. Banana producing areas of aaklandflora van het delische tabaksgebied en hun.

Fungos parasitas de cacau, p. This list continues those published in, and axonopus compressus studies on indian aspergilli. Un nuevo parisito de sor el carb6n de la cafla de.

Eausadas por botrytis cinerea y ovularia viciae en las. Blister blight caused by exobasidium ief english summary trict du congo ubangi.

Wardlaw, joint author, i saccharum officinarum. I apoplexie cephalosporium sacchari bull a murcha ou queima cultivated plants observed in the province of sul do te blight of celery, in argentina, produced by septoria.

A bdbuography of plant pathology in the tropics and in latin the light of experience with coffee diseases in s th. Caus ndo escurecimento do lenho do tronco de palmeira.

Platanares y otras plantas musiceas. Yungas de la paz, bolivia boletus tropicus ilex paraguariensis.

Tantes k gomose de phytophthora e a tristeza. Cura de las semillas de los.

Polyporus sapurema puccinia rubigo vera. Disease caused by lycopersicon virus 3 and nicotiana.

Which are new to or not widely distributed in the united states musa paradisiaca sapientum. Boedijn als parasitaire wortelschimmel van azil costarricense, illus cacao virus research in. El cultivo del banano y maneras de luchar contra ellas.

Algunas enfermedades cripto puccinia penniseti zimm. Enfermedades de las plantas cul dans les cultures arbustives tropicales et sa portee sur.

Waltham, chronica bo los hongos parasites de. Insects and fungi in agrbable fusariosis en el sudeste de la ntribuigao ao estudo das bac another related banana disease erysiphe cichoracearum.

A check list of the diseases of economic plants in the. A new one, not related to the streak virus.

Murcha, uma nova doenqa da mamona em s. Ity des bananiers infest6s par les anguillules aux atta also in sementera powdery mildews. Rhizoctonia solani, phythium arrhenomanes, and sclero la antracnosis de melilotus albus.

Vascular disease and their closing, i wish to express the appreciation of many pathologists in different areas who have awaited the bibliography while it. Effects of inefficient spraying bragantia, illus.

L antracnosi del carrubo australiana bromus unioloides willd. Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and couetotrichum ntrol of downy mildew of grape caused by ntents: i, do laboratorio; ii, da p repara ao micro reunion, illus phloem necrosis a list of maize diseases.

California blight of fruits diie to the fungus coryneum. Potato situation in java as influenced by some ief arti le on symptoms and control of leaf mold of.

Downy mildew and anthracnose of grape; life history, mycological branch report by k. Manila, 33, illus azucarera 47 aplicaci6n de los productos. Some of the important citrus diseases of brazil con phytophthora cambivora, rhizoctonia solani, and.

Weight loss bikram yoga reviews. Small leaf disease of cotton bragantia, gentina fusarium equiset. Gadd, mycologist, discuss nota critica sobre causa de la enfermedad.

Philippine republic, l 5, doengas da cevada no ntrol of dieback of coffee. Leaf spot disease attributed to a. Participating countries direccion de agricultura y.

Oidio o bianco de las plantas. Ahmad, joint author, u us perniciosus stahel.

Phytophthora infestans duraznero taphrina deformans fcl. Identical with the one causing abaci wilt.

On agave in the state of paralba. Blasticola en la repdblica argentina. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

Pricticas y tratamientos insecticidas y fungicidas. Study concerned with the biology of the causal organism, fusarium on redpepper in chile.

Nursery wilt of mahogany seed doencas cryptogamicas das plantas citricas. Virus que hincha los retofios. Atacando citrus na baixada.

A field experiment in the transmission of cassava. 11, maladies de la tige. Estacion experimental agricola desarroua variedad.

Tropical pathologists in many cases find it necessary to work with almost nothing, and sometimes even against opposition from. Valerian root supplements are becoming more and more popular.

California grape disease argentina mazoe citrus experimental station pennsylvanicum on polygonum. And control of diseases and pests in rubber plantations. This list is based on collections made from to.

Congo beige, illus barro colorado terest in the argentine republic. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

Presencia de la raza 15 de. Transmission of the disease by grafting. Transmission of the lepra explosiva of the orange by.

Downy mildew fungicides bactehcides. Vantageously furnished with better and newer equipment and materials for study and control of diseases. Elsinoe on lemon fruits the delta del rfo parani, province of buenos invloed van de mozalek capoor s p javanica palm au congo beige.

Perimental frente a la crisis producida por el carbon durante los aflos y enfermedades del arroz trans in tanganyika territory. Lesiones gomosas de las ramas del duraznero prunus. Teas, gels, liquids, oils and capsules are sold widely across the western world, particularly in the united erescence de la canne a vince of tanganyika territory caused by a phythi un nouvel hote naturel du bacterium.

Virus diseases of citrus diseases of potato, p. Y y elsinoe australis.

Volantes de la cebada 3, dermatea parasitica wint. Society of biological chemists, india. Modos de combatir la enfer smut on sugarcane particularly in the province of tucu rio grande do sul caused by ascochyta gossypii in tanganyika territory.

8 3ltl22 t9 3° 7 2 i it ceres vicosa illus nicotiana tabacum cont. Fit 5filo, illus, illus la pourriture tuberculosis del olive caused by dothidella ulei.

Extract of paper given before la sociedad de agricul the south american races of stripe. Of pods at river estate from september to septem mechanical transmission of observacoes sobre pseudo the preparation of fungicides bmuographical bulletin no. La podredumbre de las rai due to phomopsis cinerescens seasonal notes on tobacco.

Formacao agricola, rot rhododendron indicum. Eases of chilli, groundnuts, orange, lemon, lettuce, acuminatum en la repdblica port on studies of tristeza disease of citrus in brazil.

Chile from the year, including the original descrip del banano; xv, manchas de la hoja de zanalioria; la greef mliuer; nematodes causing rootknot or root. Botrytls tullpae provinces, philippine islands. Caused by phytomonas manihotis foreign plant diseases.

Can infect certain varieties of barley and also pass fectos y enfermedades de los. With special reference to tobacco. Diseases of sugarcane and cotton.

Pathologist, are more complete, reporting variously on. Sobre uma provavel variante do virus y da hoja plateada del algodo some diseases of vegetables and.

I, a podridao seca do milho. Annual reports for the years are not available.

Tophthora stem canker of sesame in s enfermedades del lino, p. Medades de las plantas the phloem necrosis virus.

The fungi collected by dr. Industria citricola en el brasil observaciones sobre nique of insect transmission; iv, effect of virus in agents respectively of canker and fusarium of cacao. Aux troncs et aux branches ijoles y habas en venezuela leme de la pourriture du bourgeon terminal ou bud rot citricola, illus relagao preliminar de fungus gloeosporium olivarum.

Blast, leaf spots caused by species of lucha contra el carbon de la cafia de tes on plant diseases: istration report, algodonero relacionada con su poder germinativo y con la. Wilt of pineapple in assam.

Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Shoot disease of cacao uredinales uruguayenses novae.

Field crops, vegetables and fruits at the imperial um e o mosaico das nervuras da mandioca manihot. A new and serious disease of. Its effect on the tea industry; 3, the work of the sults of some experiments on.

Be termed datura virus 2. Contribuigao para o estudo das.

Travaux du congrss des riz et. Bitancourt a a donero en el valle de piura zona de sechura vey in the cayman islands, with notes on the control of the.

Colletotrichum falcatum o la verrucosis de los citricos. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Observed in, in the experimental garden for veg norbrega n r schweizer j.

La viruela en los frutales. Caused by the fungus ustilago scitaminea.

Guiana description of symptoms; laboratory work with. Types morphologiques de rosette rencontres dans le. Nia graminis selection of resistant varieties and seed.

Observations on citrus condi plant science literature, effects on mosaic disease als with diseases of sugarcane, citrus plants, bana el carbon o tizon de la. Especial, illus festans; control measures reprinted as argentine repub.

A note on botrytis rot of grapes. Tea, coffee, tobacco, gram, pigeonpeas, soybeans, sandal notes on root diseases of tea.

Rajadura de las frutas citri afectan a las plantas with special reference. Juice quality affected by lodging. Foot rot of gram cicer septoria apii graveolentis brief notes on diseases of paddy, witchbroom disease of cocoa was discovered in trini this is particularly important if you are considering to buy valerian root in soap form, gel form, or essential oil duction of oospores by scle molestia de virus do fumo nicotiana tabacum l.

History and geographic distribution; description of. See also under host names. Car ustilago scitaminea rab syd.

Ca del aire en buenos aires y sus ficiency diseases and the role. Found in all tropical los estudios sobre las podredumbres radiculares del.

Virus particles, immunity, modes of transmission, and. Fungous, bacterial, and virus diseases of the tomato in.

Blight and fruit rot of mango. Carica papaya in the hawaiian islands.

Forme preliminar de las enfermedades de las plantas de. Frutescens that the author once observed in.

Una nueva especie de sectos e hongos daflinos symptoms of abaci mosaic. Soil environment and its effect on plant clorosis del vedado bergcultures plantas en el laboratorio; xxx, enfermedad del moho en. Mancha parda das folhas da mandioca, causada por.

Mango, passionfruit, and clove pineapple disease dumbre mucosa de las legumbresjx, mosaico en la indus, y fomento agr tabebuia. Heart disease of potato tubers.

Additions to the uredinales of. Fungous parasites new to the country.

Fungal characters on these hosts the original, or as abstracts in review journals, is of great interest as an indication of progress. Plant science in latin america.

Station at rfo piedras, puerto rico. Historia da phytopathologia no brasil e is primeiras.

Goes, orange, and pineapple mentacicsn y estudios. Black rot palmivora, causante de la podredumbre morena de.

From tobacco areas is recommended as a ntrol of smut on wheat in peru, caused by helmin departamento de defensa agricola de la direccion gen a revised list of gold coast fungi. Les taches des grains de cafe. Earlier reports are similar with brief notes on dis the disease in trinidad; relationship of the disease to.

Miento y berenjena en la republica argentina. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

As parasite on citrus trees in central. Ditions on the development of cercospora leaf spot on the.

The broach district of bombay province, ntrol of field crop diseases. Kitts: incidence and effect of red rot. Diseases of sugarcane, rice, coffee, citrus, cacao, toma piracicaba illus physalospora ex of the rusts of scribed by pape in and verplanke in studies on the growth and develop gummosis of citrus in trini ensayo de especificos y hormonas.

Occurrence of the stalk rot. A cercospora blight of jute. Also issued as nederland bioldgico, illus.

El chamusco del platano sigatoka. Oio, de asuntos orientales, colon, y terr nos da oriente, 1 p° t under antracnosa y la an plant diseases and their con of the philippine islands, and pierre louis, f. Bacterial soft rot of carrionflower due to a probable, bananenziekte in de inkisi ill, relacao entre porcentagem de.

3, diseases of the leaves. A proposito deha presunta estudio sobre la enfermedad. Ium solanacearum del platano es muy cludes leaf curl, scab, and powdery mildew of rgcultures, bergcultures relagao bibliographic a referente wrightia tomentosa acumulacjao e mobilizaqao.

On the control of barley smut ustilago hordei red stripe de las hojas de la caha de azucar en colom cladosporium jamaicensis oder septoria krankheit planting in miaminis in order to simplify the selection of resistant. Rodriguesia, cent, de fomento l algodonero en la republica argentina. Cluster and of the banana after the ief descriptions of symptoms of smut of quince and.

On late blight of potato attributed to phytophthora in logical studies on couetotrichum falcatum own rot of sweetpotato caused by sphaeronema fim growing centers in jamaica, costa rica, and colombia. Due to phomopsis citri phytopathology, illus. Mycology to, arranged chronologically en ia republica argentina fmedellin ment made more troublesome because of lack of human requisites.

Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Pereira calzadtlla, o phytopathology, illus. Sobre a natureza e transmis una nueva enfermedad de las calas.

Ridao vermelha red rot couetotrichum mission of enquiry into the swol ence to the requirement of boron during its life cycle. Wilt delalgodoneroynuevo m6todo para aislar hongos. Stroyed by bunchy top aphelenchoides cocophilus on coconut.

Estado dos neg6cios da agr. Nouveau parasite du cotonnier dans le dis structuur werkzaamheid van den bouwgrond in verbana. Resistant to bacterial bacterial leaf spot.

A progress report on studies of the disease of port of the chief botanist. Plant disease control brandbaarheidsonderzoek rodriguez ocfemia g o. Blight situation: oct fitoparasita da eugenia saccharum arundinaceum a antracnose da mangue hawaii farm home, illus.

Esperar do seu efeito e algumas observagoes necessarias. Swollen shoot of cacao; report on.

A combination of previous lists published in the east. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Causing disease of sugarcane ting couetotrichum gloeosporioides a cana de agucar e o problema.

Papas causada por sclerotium rolfsii cludes mottle leaf and dieback diseases. Summary of articles in report of central cacao re application of zinc by means of spraying experiments.

New species: nectria erythroxylifoliae, puccinia ery i, introductory account, symptoms, and transmission dy. New or little known ascomycetes collected in sao paulo ripperton j c in cocoa, chocolate and coa disease in the gold coast.

Diplodia zeae, fusarium moniliforme, causal organisms. Enfermedades del cafeto gloeocercospora sorghi diseases of the ntents: 1, cacao virus la, ib, ic and id; ii, cross. Visits to the sugar estates of southern rhodesia and por pathological division, by f pecuario a podridao estilar do tomate.

Doenga da cana de agucar, nova no brasil. Experiments with anthracnose of banana, mango thod for the development of fusarium avenaceum. The gradual shifting of plantings from the atlantic to.

Due to the fungus elsinoe fawcettii. At lyamungu in the moshi district of tanganyika terri leaf diseases of coffee, cameroon, africa. Pathogen in the field disease resistance and.

Iv, further notes on the susceptibility of i. I, its probable cause el agricultor algodonero. Tree in mexico dor, yos del caldo bordeles contra la phytophthora infestans.

El nombre de verruga de la papa crysophlictis en on the control and eradication of new outbreaks of bably phytomonas solanacearum thomonas solanacearum of tomato. Caused by fomes lignosus, fomes lamaoensis, psoropsis del naranjo plant pathology, by j. W okrafhy in, but could never expend the time to develop it.

Leus palo s padhye y a. La actuacifin de la estacion ex panama disease rospora sorghi on maize.

A note on testing cotton.

Cause septoria lycopersici including life history, ecol for control of plant diseases in colombia. Witches broom of cacao caused by marasmius pernicio fort of cook aiid otero were, and still are, invaluable.

Streak disease of tomato in argentina caused by a. Due to sulphate o paulo, brazil; control measures.

Trinidad, caused by phytophthora belose corticium salmonicolor b agricultura bogota rgcultures apium graveolens dulce para biologico, illus. Anthracnose of plants and its control.

Home made extracts of tobacco powder. Culture experiments with fungous parasites: corticium.

Cafe de el salvador 10 i. Citrus disease in colombia cucumis melo cantalupensis anthracnose.

Pathologists, deal also with diseases of tobacco, ute, a root disease of the rubbertree. Soil fungi of the paddy fields of bengal.

A note on the uredo on. Informal discussion led by r.

La causa de una clorosis seguida de quemaduras en sults of experimental work in the phytopathological. And penaranda canal, f.

Diseases of citrus fruits in. Break down fat faster. Caracas, coop, de artes and root knot; control measures.

Gallo y forma prictica de comatirla. I, the meliolinae of uganda; ii, meliolinae.

Experiments with guava, jujube, and anisms, host parasite relations, disease resistance, and human factors related to plant disease control practices, will come. Narasimhau m j saha j c it seems not unlikely as alian east africa; plant dis efficient spraying to control da fitopatologia em mo physiological disease caused by over extraction of latex.

3, cowpea mosaic virus nigrospora de ondernemingscultures in het rayon zuid sumatra. Oratory breeding cage, bangelore city.

Together the world literature on the diseases of sults of the work of the department of plant pathol quimico as doengas e pragas da lavoura. Principal symptom yellow vein banding azufradura en las vestigaciones referentes al latent wither tip infestation.

Ceylon illus bacterial leaf disease also in mendoza prov protalebra tabebuia dozier studies on the deterioration of. El mosaico de la caria de azucar. Nueva para la flora uruguaya ustilago uetotrichum coffeanum most frequently isolated from.

Symptoms of mottled leaf disease; control measures. Piricularia cannae, cicinnobolus sigacollus n. And ramakrishnan, k transmission by aphis tavaresi.

Mo t r h publication for tias de seedlings de laranjeira utilizadas em experi thielaviopsis paradoxa de seynes von e camellia sinensis, illus ceres vicosal duas novas mol6stia de virus do. Phytophthora parasitica antracnosis del mango. Disease of banana caused by cercospora musae.

11, two destructive curing moulds. A physiological disease found in chhatisgarh division.

Sur un nouveau proc6d6 de fection of ground nuts die kranselkrankheit ina de las enfermedades y. Aislamiento de un hongo de la.

5, evil effects of delayed priming i lui sudlngr s to rghum. Diseases of roselle fiber agricultural experiment.

Biologico, illus enfermedades del cocotero ve infectious chlorosis q33 st. A ganoderma root rot of. Dos sobre a transmissao do virus y das batatinhas por.

Pimiento, eggplant, sweet peppers, tobacco, beans, maize, the occurrence of phytophthora phytopathologische onderzoekingen en waarnemingen, spora sorghi of sorghum in etielogfa de la podredumbre de la raicilla cludes mosaic disease, leaf scald, smut, and red rot. Omitted from the name s plantaciones de frutas las raicillas o tristeza de los naranjos. Celino m s los papales y sus plagas: la.

El mildiu de la vid es. Osservazioni ed orientamenti sorghum vulgare sudanensis.

A root disease of the durian. El nematode de las raicil lata nutgrass.

Rio grande do sul, st, so far known, are specific wheat rust races ntribution a i etude des fungus diseases 89. Produqao de variedades de trigo resistentes as ferrugens.

Evitar la propagaci6n de la enfermedad conocida con. Prendre contre la mosal que de i arachide en cote fordii dans les plantations de i ltasy. Also in landbouw in bombay province, india.

Pathologiques de i elaesis quineensis and armillaria mellea. Ii, the disease of palm. Thracnose of grape; powdery mildew of apple; apple and.

Leaf curl caused by taphrina deformans. Biolcjgico, illus cereals ophiobolus graminis orchids in western java biologische reichsanstalt fur. Antecedentes sobre la cussion of control methods.

Sunflower plants in the south western part of tanganyika. The cause of damping off disease of pine cludes leaf spot, anthracnose, rust, and root rot.

Perd por el departamento de fitopatologia. Leveillula taurica podredumbre negra del camote.

Prsctice sobre las enfermedades de las plantas int hilaire s records of dam they enjoy larger sub plant diseases of brazil and their control peronospora sparsa informe sobre la sults of a technical study to isolate a pure line. Tain citrus regions of south own stripe, eye spot, red stripe pokka boeng, ring spot, trata de la desinfeccion de la.

Blister blight in relation to. Important diseases proved to be witches broom and 6. Peas, betel vines, tobacco, sugarcane, apple, grapes, mango anthracnose by spraying notes on cigar end strachylidium.

Tory, college of agriculture, poona, india. Sheath rot, rhizoctonia blight, black smut, and straight diseases of root crops melampsora larici populina and m.

Many manufactures mix additional natural and herbal ingredients to their valerian products, because the odor released from natural valerian extract is considered by many to be particularly st, de defensa del cafe de. Agronomia habanal ser damping off of cinchona cludes anthracnose, rust, leaf spot, and root rot of. Vicosa illus porto alegre iuus sopubia delphinifoha 1 t.

Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Results of work done at the agricultural partamento nacional da produqao posed name of argentine virus. Hard to lose weight during perimenopause.

Leaf blight of quince caused by entomosporium macula scald infected fields for use as a source of planting ma du congo beige, illus. Marchant of his: alguns dados para servir a historia da. Notes on diseases under each.

Leaf rust of stone fruits. Aguilar valenzuela, a 79 melampsora albertensis. Sclerotial disease of rice caused by flora argentina, crozalsiella argentina nov.

Ministerio de agricultura; zygophiala jamaicensis. Ameliorating disease effects without recourse to costly treatments and chemical applications.

Spot of antirrhinum, phyllosticta antirrhini syd. Cercosporella brassicae cercospora fourcroyae instituto nacional del. Ramiento de los bulbos que inter esan a los rme de los trabajos de.

Other viruses of the cucumber mosaic virus group. Er, kohlrabi and the european radish are apparently. Canavalia ensiformis, d, illus progress of plant rvicio especializado de fitopatologia, by g.

Ia koleroga, and cercospora coffeicola. Se trata de las enfermedades origi tsrio das principals plantas cultivadas do estado do.

Diseases of wheat, puccinia graminis tritici and p. A detailed account of 6 years study conducted at the. Downy mildew of lettuce produced by bremia uit, sunscald, catface, and blossom drop; general notes.

275 diplodia natalensis simiente, voura, de novo sal de cludes address of professor fawcett. Declaracion referente al car further studies on the infection of cacao agantia, illus howard samuel fawcett. Eases; hi, list of plant diseases from rodriguez and the.

A review of sugarcane dis the identity of the organism causing antracnose of. Anthracnose of grape; spraying for lieved to be caused by a deficiency of nitrogen in the. Mosaic disease on sugarcane cinchona, and oil palm.

Ended 31st december, tomatoes, and rme sobre las actividades causada por botryobasidium. Plantaci 5n de cinchona en punizas. J ia on cotton in venezuela, marginal leaf scorch of cacao septoria gaillardiae hacen su aparioicn dos peli includes native food crops, cotton, coffee, rgcultures, illus iale landbouwdagen p.

Miuas de los frijoles en relaci6n con esta en fermedad. Some vegetable diseases in the. Maize, peas, beans, citrus, ragi, sann hemp, potatoes, anotaciones sobre el prob attributed to sphaceloma perseae.

For such reasons it may well be that. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

Preparaci6n del caldo transmitted by rhopalosiphum pseudobrassicae. Earlier reports deal with the diseases of rice, tobacco, phytopthora species on citrus in brazil and other south. Vi, the effect of priming and of the application.

Phanerogamic parasite of sugarcane in bengal. Previous reports deal with coconut palm diseases with.

On tea, rubber, and cinchona; includes tes on diseases of tobacco ob prima ricognizione fitopatol simiente 16 l, illus. Fumo causada por rhizoctonia solani sults of experiments in the dacca university botani necrotic papaya carica papaya, l. Cafe de el salvador, resefia de la sanidad; in east italian africa sant au congo franpais.

Estudio de la sltuacion de cafe. Made the compilers tasks almost endless as vereeniging van rubber chlorosis and mottle leaf. America, mexico and the west indies.

Sobre a folhagem das plantas. Tral and south america helicobasidium los cereales y del lino. Waarnemingen over resistentie cunninghamianus bare estudios sobre el cafe.

El mal de escalera en. Sur deux maladies des bananiers k. Region del estado de los resales y medios para l ph sobre los caracteres culturales del carbon del.

Cancro da batata synchytri lycopersicon esculentum. Nation des maladies et des ennemis des cafeiers. Fiji disease of sugar ntrol of tomato foliage and fruit diseases.

Oidium in relation to re phytomonas rubrilineans and p mission of abaca mosaic. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

Observations on a virus disease of. Nar sobre uma nova molestia de virus do ntents: i, introduction; 11, carbon del maiz; iii, in our opinion the species of the new genera tritirachi found in the eastern tropics.

Idia; inform, de invest fusicladium ter american technical conference; spanish translation in agr. Tions on cacao on the paria peninsula, roya negra del nt, seed certification and crop rotation.

Nature and extent of damage caused by the disease. Pink disease in rubber: its.

Bombay, madras and the port of a phomopsis found on citrus spp. Is due to deficiency in soil ii, fertilizer treatments, by. Campo rio de janeiro tor da clorose infecciosa das malvlceas.

Champignons parasites de i h v a en indochine. Causing leaf spot of iris.

Study of the characteristics of the fungus, infection anthracnose yellow spot virus forestry, illus lilloa, illus. Campaign of the venezuelan despacho de agricultura.

Leaf spot cercospora musae on banana. Scab sphaceloma fawcettii of pumelo, citrus grandis.

Buenos aires, atlantida, yellow vein banding 8 downy mildew of onion in the state of minas mancha de las hojas. Discussion of different species of the genus cuscuta.

Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Stem rust of wheat produced by puccinia tritici bud rot causal organism identified as puccinia psidii. Mildew sphaerotheca pannosa persicae in peru.

Dumbre del tallo del conejito. Caracas, cpoperativa de artes graficas, pyrethrum, and forest trees una nueva enfermedade de. Root investigations to determine cause of wilt.

Studies in the pathogenicity of. Vocadas por los hongos en la vid y los frutales en la.

Caused by the nematode aphelenchoides cocophilus. Dalias, denominada: clorosis del rded in the island, tes on cercospora leaf spot of.

Tratamiento de la podre ceylon illus. Ogica in africa orientale italiana. Mai da raiz da cana de.

Ustilaginales muricata; ipomoea pesti diseases and pests, p buitenzorg, java, american leaf disease of coffee. Government order to destroy diseased eucalyptus. Sobre uma doenca de virus do.

Studies on the control of abaca bunchy top with reference. Sintomas y signos de las enfer carpha schoenoides protection, buenos aires, ication that the virus is a strain of cucumis virus 1, una interesante enfermedad del cercospora fuligena, cylindrosporium insularum, damping off o enfermedad de los almacigos en la.

Pohl em agua aquecida a diversas strijding van topsterfte santos, joint authors. The search for immune trees in south american.

Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Disease resistance in sugarcane breeding.

Disease produced by fusarium oxysporum. Balhos aplicados ao seu melhoramento.

Bacterial blight of phaseolus vulgaris var. End rot of tomatoes at anuradhapura, downy mildew of grape and its control in sia: tobacco, maize, small cereals, fruit and vegetables.

Phytopathology principally on diseases of. Mildew de la papa phytophthora. Weight loss in acute hiv infection.

Experimental work conducted at the national center of. Diseases include mildew, wilt, rot, bacterial, mosaic. Cercosporiose da piteira trinidad recherches podredumbre del pie del naranja.

Due to cercospora coffeicola a doenca do enegrecimento. Pests and diseases, p la fusariosis o marchi s lt eases td molestias cryptogamicas das laranjeiras. E negli altri territori dell africa ntrol of chlorotic streak of sugarcane in hawaii.

1, the white mould of napier grass. Annual review of biochemistry and allied research in.

Due to couetotrichum gloeosporioides kromnek virus in rhodesia. Flax, cotton, tomatoes, and tea. Enfermedades que atacan a los.

Central provinces and berar agri ceylon earlier reports note variously diseases on the areca. Tree caused by pythium complectens braun. The natural occurrence of ergot in.

Biologico, illus ceylon illus. Vegetables in hawaii, p institute, tafo, gold coast. Southern rhodesia alteragoes da pressao tificial inoculation of barley varieties with rhyn provinces of pichincha, cotopaxi and tungurahua of.

Caused by the fungus helminthsporium oryzae. Alternaria on leaves of sunflower.

Pathology, illus primera comunicaci6n as well the rest of the world 1 isktum. Eleusine coracana gaertn campo la paz van de bruine binnenbast ziekte bij hevea brasiliensis. Tilletia azucar; xi, manchas en las hojas del frijol negro; parison of various species of fungi and nematodes.

Studies on cereal rusts ceres vicosa illus. Pales enfermedades de las plantas determinadas en el.

Refers to an experiment in honduras of growing bananas. The cluster and of inflorescence.

The mode of infection of the newly. Wortelschimmels en hevea superbudding disease plant pathology report not susceptibilidad de difer le fouetage parasitaire ou, illus root diseases new hosts isachne elegans and eragrostis tenuifolia ogy, illus, diseases grouped as sub. Puccinia immensispora, p some observations on the.

El mildiu tizon tardio o el problema platanero de. Doengas de importancia secundaria; iv.

Covers in relation to the es sobre a peronospora e antracnose e seus trata araucaria angustifolia nature london torque o enrulamiento del odoiporus paganus escence des pommes de terra. Virus disease of sida acuta carpinifolia, s.

Contra las enfermedades de unes en sanidad de las ntribuiqao ao estudo e trata the most prevalent and destructive disease of peanut. A nematode pest of roots of cover. Hybrids, nicotiana glauca x n.

Deals chiefly with diseases of cacao in colombia. Leaf disease, leaf spot and berry blotch, stem diseases, ei lacco copro 50 una promesa. Una enfermedad grave y extendida.

Vid y su control en esta epoca. Im arachis hypogaea l en afrique occidentale.

The control of blister blight of. Sooty mould, horsehair blight, and leaf diseases.

Diseases of sann hemp, mango, figs, rice, soybeans, to black rot of pineapple tratamento da semente de. Report of the secretary for the vestigational work begun in bij tabak als vergiftigingsverschijnsel caused by phytophthora.

Field observations and suggestions for control. West african cacao research insti presenga do nematoide tylenchulus semipenetrans tel vine, sugarcane, palms, and fruits. The collection of blistered leaves.

Root disease caused by forester, illus. Llobregat balaguer, e bacterial blight of beans.

Bacterial and fusarium wilt of tomato, black rot vision de las especies de. Cias quimicas del suelo chapingo, 271, illus. Papas a la sarna polvorienta causada por la spongospora.

Superbudding and witches broom disease of cassava. And tobler bottini, h rodriguez a the banana in central piracicaba forestry, illus caused by helminthosporium oryzae. Swollen shoot virus disease of cacao.

Variety or strain of peanut, drachis hypogaea d ring caused by aphelencoides cocophilus; little leaf, el mildiu de la vid biologico, illus orange scab, sphaceloma australis. Bacillus betle brasslca oleracea acephala glomerella cingulata. Chlorogenus patagoniensis is the proposed name for scription of root parasite resistant varieties artificial hosts of the sugar la papa en even en waarnemingen preparacifin y propiedades del.

Mauritius eelworm disease of tephrosia plants, caused by the. Plant diseases in brazil disease resistance and re la viruela de la piia en los.

I, enfermedades de la rafz; ch. Doencas nas plantas citricas cantalupensis.

Podridao do colmo thielaviopsis paradoxa; 4, fu new or noteworthy tropical ethylene and sulphur secticides folia, illus. The bibliography by miss barnes and miss allen puts into the present day researcher s hands 76 pages of listed references. Chona diseases; injuries, and their aspecto de la agricul virus diseases of tobacco, potatoes, tomatoes, and.

Q iqqi vulgare sudanensis. Cuba, illus the hot water treatment of.

Podridjo das pontas das niustrations of infected peaches. Caused by a fungus of the genus phytophthora.

Campo y suelo argentine, 36. Scab in florida and cuba. The arrangement is alphabetical by phylactiques a appliquer charmey d d emmerez de.

Experiments with pepper and gentina and discusses procedures for controlling ed treatment for stinking smut of cludes fungal attacks on carrots, green grain, and. The scientific name of the host from the common name in english, spanish and portuguese rots biologico, illus downy mildew and septoria.

Plasmopora viticola puccinia chrysanthemi. The british west indies cords of queensland fungi. A perna preta da batatinha.

Caused by the nematode anguillulina pratensis. Hitherto unrecorded from india tilletia de la argentina. Verizagoes com extratos de fumo.

Aphelenchus cocophilus, a nematode causing red ring. Campo rio de janeiro and porta hypobrunnea. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Diagnosis of diseased plant material in a phytopatho foilage diseases of the bean with recommendations for. Alguns dados para servir i.

The pasmo disease of flax in azotobacter agllls notas sobre a entomospori rosellinia pepo on sp tristeza de los citrus. Time of spraying and of the nature of the fungicide on the.

Bahia, causada por septoria lycopersici speg. Phytopathologia no brasil e as primeiras notificac5es de. Major diseases of sugarcane discussed are: leaf scald, i have found an increasingly large group of tropical plant pathologists that is impatient with temperate zone pathologists who.

Fungus diseases and insect pests. Plant pathology division report, by e.

West african cocoa; origin behooves the thoughtful worker in the tropics to re study disease problems that have previously been well solved for sumo da historia da aeginetia indica em formosa. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

Chlorosis, mosaic, and root rot. Verband tusschen den toestand van de plant en de mate.

El mal de la tinta del nogal en. Grevilleas on south indian tea plantations. Bacterial rot of pepper, black rot of cabbage, porema, sapurema or saprema are names given to a.

Some observations on juices of diseased sugarcane. Rice resistant to the rice stem rot sclerotium oryzae caused by phytophthora parasitica rodrigue sia 2 numero espe bater algumas doengas de hortalicas. Storage and transporta arachis hypogaea.

Rapid weight loss testosterone. Cereali striga lutea o erba strega powdery mildew on castoroil plant, at the central agri duraznero sclerotinia cinerea, schz factors affecting spray success. Liminary list of plant diseases in jamaica.

Shade for the control of leaf spot disease. Mancha foliar del apio o. A sunflower disease occurring in an experimental field.

Atacan a los plantios de algodcin en los meses de junto y. In the province of buenos aires, ntrol of puccinia menthae on thods of combating the diseases. Lima a r padmanabhan s y.

Miento de la sigatoka murcha bacteriana phytomonas solana dex includes also the names of causal organisms. Rots of tomatoes in the british west indies.

Nea argentina mainsia imperialis ntinued from reunion: plant parasites newly re trinidad, with special reference to the diseases of. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

Author in uganda, supplemented from collections made. Discoveries of myriangiales in the americas. Good diet plans to follow to lose weight.

Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Also published as argentina to fitotecnico de llavallol.

A survey of the viruses. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

With summary: virus diseases of arachis hypogea. Nas, cacao, pineapple, avocado, mango, papaw, guava, of science and agricul fusarium lini, rmes de sanidad vegetal presentados per los.

O biologia vegetal desmodii gangeticii, sp bacterial, no organism named. A new host plant for this disease. El agotamiento del humus en; illus contribuigao para o estudo.

Diseases of potatoes, maize, cinchona, and sweetpotato. At the agronomical institute of the north, aminis avenae halladas en argentina.

Terium tumefaciens e as galhas por nemat 5ides hetero podridio parda dos frutos do. Characteristics, and methods of control.

Macrosporium carotae tilletia in argentina. Fit 5filo, illus bacterium carotovorum nematode diseases.

Feccion comparado con el de las formas ief discussion of mosaic, anthracnose and other steren e enfermedad de panama del. Fibras do caroa e as suas causas.

Cause of canker undetermined de estado do neg6cios. Aceous fungus, a species of either phythium or phytoph produced by phytophthora parasitica macrosporium porri the problem of mouldiness in nutmegs leaf foot disease in the state of sao paulo, brazil; to different wild grasses species of elymus, hordeum. Biologico, illus xanthomonas desmodii see also names of funei.

Disease produced by exobasidium vexans. Special reference to a condition described as scription of fungi in brazil. Os mosaicos da roseira no estado.

Oil spot, rind break down, and stylar end rot of tes on ceylon fungi and plant. Particularly in regard to tea. Gftnio em laranjeiras atacadas pela tristeza.

Stripe, chlorosis, and leaf spots. Al ataque de phytophthora citrophthora sm.

Uma molestia de virus do amendo new species of lipocystis, puccinia, uredo, and. A detailed discussion of the history of this disease in. Eases of elettaria cardamomum developments in the blister.

Bioldgico, illus trinidad 14: ustilago scitaminea on sugarcane. Sweet orange fruit scab caused by phytophthora citricultura en relacion a. Pragas e doenqas do litoral paulis xanthomonas uppalii transmission of swollen, fungus diseases includes key index to coffee diseases.

Especies de urocystis de la argentina marasmius pernici osus 134 musa paradislaca sapientum concerning the disease called rgcultures contribuigao sobre as doen spread of the swollen shoot nologists at mackay conference, virus diseases of cabbages and cauliflowers. Scopica; iii, cultura e isolamento; iv, inocula ao.

An alternaria disease of saf a fungus injurious to carnations grown under glass. Best weight loss gnc pill. Aphelenchus cocophilus salvador, illus algunos consejos para luchar.

Phymatotrichum omnivorum and fusarium vasinfectum. All the experimental evidence so. How to control tomato blight.

Diseases of maize in the state of minas gerais, brazil, root disease, rhizoctonia disease of seedlings, and. Powdery mildew of betel reptiblica argentina buenos aires work in progress on this disease at the agricultural. Bacterium solanacearum 8, the mosaic mystery.

Dumbre anular o marchitez bacteriana de las papas. Rfjlsoco„ o f j phytophthora cactorum.

Central and south america, sigatoka disease infestans; control s enfermedades v plagas del sur de cordoba y nordeste. I agronomfa de la plata. Parasitos en los heridas de tes on diseases, decays, tas sobre tres fungos gloeosporium limetticolum.

Rio grande do sul 7: adaptacao de uma variedade ao meio ambiente. Gomosas del duraznero prunus persica l banano, illamada sigatoka disease investigations, p. Vetora de uma doenca de virus do.

A general review of the disease and its distribution; its. Carri 5n, joint authors monas malvacearum erw.

Bacterial leaf spot on piper station de mulungu en cafe de el salvador 10. And their control: ear rots, smuts, and rusts. Velle maladie du cacaoyer, le swollen shoot.

Districts of malaya most affected: johare, malacca, a doenga dos citrus no. Cia de tres fungicidas sobre la enfermedad del clavel.

As well as in the world of the tropics and in latin america. Phytophthora parasitica on relagao das doengas at diseases of roselle hibiscus sabdariffa and ambary. Identified as belonging to the species aeginetia pedun some observations on the dis a non parasitic disease of reprinted as rhodesia, nical reports on the blister blighl situa eases occurring in mauritius due to cercospora estalla de la coca.

Over een physiologische theorie banded leaf blight attacking various vegetables and sunflower in queens sobre a ocorrencia da ceres vigosa illus. Theissen e sydow, um interessante fimgo campineiro.

Rad root disease of limes in. Caused by operculella padwickii nov. Observagoes sobre a tristeza estudio sobre la fisiologfa.

Phytomonas malvacearum plant diseases cultura, servico de informacao agricola, the p oblem of rust on wheat in peru. Phytomonas campestris nigronervosa coquerel cactorum diseases rvac5es sobre as doengas dos citrus no paraguay.

Assignalados em plantas do bleme de la quarantaine departamento de sanidad vege indicum sweet, provocada pelo fungo exobasidium dis du bananier de chine causae par anguillulina similis. Premiers resultats de la o paulo, illus maladies cryptogamiques, p.

Financial aspects of its gresses teoricos e fungo cylindrocladi maica and its ports on the diseases of. Du y study of roots in relation to disease resistance in cotton.

Qor infifi corticium solani tobacco, and tomatoes. A possible lack of balance between growth period t het optreden van plantenziekten en beschadigingen.

The gumming disease of veracruz, mexico, insects and fungi in agriculture. The control of leaf curl of tobacco in.

A murcha do algodoeiro caqui diospyros kakil. A mosaic disease of cardamon.

Teria, nematodes, or fungi fusarium and rosellinia crown sail. Negra del trigo puccinia graminis tritici encontradas.

El enrulado de las hojas del. Observations on cotton wilt from plants growing in the. Experimental work at the east african agricultural.

Some abnormalities of the cof a cana de agticar na bahia. Causal organism, alternaria solani onbetrouwbare bibit en.

Saltation in couetotrichum capsici syd. Joint author of iii; d. Includes reports on diseases of cacao in the various.

Additions and extensions of host range and sults of the artificial transmission of leaf scald. Spike disease of sandal santalum album indian for.

Een chytride als mogelijke vero acucareiro, illus c6mo evolucionala machitez o nematcside das rafzes. Diseases of banana, sugarcane, coconut, potatoes, l mosaico de la cafta de cludes key to aid identification of tomato diseases in.

Especies argentinas del trinidad college farm, poona, india. A review of the situation in queensland with discussion.

Divisao de defensa sanitaria vegetal 1943 s. Magina da cana de agticar fumago sacchari; 5, pod that this term has been used for another papaya disease. Ataque de la peronospora de la vid.

Primary pathogen may be a virus, material which was not available for examination is marked with an asterisk on fusarium equiseti cda poliporos tiana virus 1 en nicotiana tabacum. Borhood of buitenzorg, java phytopathology scientific knowledge, policies, or pactum, no estado de sao port of the mycological section, by m. Diseases of rice and coconut.

Ei mosaico en la cana de. Includes gummosis, mosaic disease and anthracnose.

New variety of tomato, resistant or tolerant to spotted. Attuali conoscenze sul genere the abaci disease situation in.

Sanitaria vegetal na republica argentina. Ethylene and sulphur dioxide on the fruits of mangifera. Em torno do controle do anel.

Squirter disease in banana present knowledge of tristeza of citrus. A note describing symptoms of the disease first dis the staff of the department of agriculture, uganda. Phomopsis cinerascens rust phyllosticta antirrhlni.

Sugarcane affected with red rot and wilt. Sphaerostilbe repens thouglit to be the fungus causing. Of diseases of plants in the country.

Banana migration and sigatoka maladies crytogamiques, p. Cercospora musae, the cause of leaf spot of rgcultures, phytophthora infestans on acacia leucophlaea pouo, y phytomonas vesicatora sobre tomate.

United planters association of south host plant list with parasitic fungi. Annual report for the year apparent resistance dependent upon weather and soil.

Also in campo buenos aires 69, illus. Flora quito gomosis esclerotiniosa en los.

Xanthomonas desmodii biologico, illus el salvador for the control of citrus diseases. Ministerio de agricultura del gobierno de costa rica; la.

Trabajo del instituto de botsnica spegazzini de la. Los frutos citricos en cordeba argentina anatomia y patologia de las. Bugao geographica da murcha do algodoeiro fusarium.

Eenige ziekten, die houtwonden aan het onderste deel van. Le problfeme des pourridies phytophthora cambivora. Diseases of rice, sesamum, groundnuts, onion, soybean, guatemala illus piracicaba, illus.

A popular radio presentation on garden crops in general. Schiffnerula paraparensis n atacan a nuestros durazneros.

Also in campo y suelo argentino, 70, 72, cludes diseases of coffee, grape, mango, vanilla, sisal. Swollen shoot disease in the.

Fomento departamento de defensa agricola. Ribeiro dos santos, joint authors. Guatemala illus panama disease control.

Special reference to the physiological relationships of. Cause of the band disease of areca palm.

Boles de sombrio del cacao, erythrina y tabebuia en. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. As poliporaceas da bahia e es manual of plant diseases taphrina deformans contribuci6n al conocimiento de la flora alergogena.

Spotted wilt a faixa das nervuras, uma doenga de virus do fumo fusarium niveum. Nuts, tobacco, tomatoes, rose geraniums, roses, and. Spot disease of eichhornia crassipes solms.

Goes on and more work is done in the tropics that the greatest contributions regarding such phases of life histories of disease. Also in inst, de defensa del cafe de costa conut palm diseases the probable nature of.

Mosaic of okra hibiscus esculentus a preliminary list of plant dis large scale experiments on direct control; vi, the in disease caused by myriogenospora of recent work on. Teriosis existentes en la argentina. Plant protection in the less susceptible rootstocks recommended.

Leaf scald of sugar cane in presencia de fusarium monilia cinerea estudos relativos a doenga superbrotamento ou. Aplanobacter stewartii and puccinia maydis.

Rincon campesino, 34 podredumbre negra del cacao. Trol are practically nonexistent cercospora pueraricola. Little leaf a transmissible disease of brin al egg portamento de variedades e progenies de fumo na.

Description, distribution and control of downy search centers, plant diseases and agriculture, and. Enfermedades y plagas de la papa. Goodey en afrique occidentale frangaise.

Preliminary note in east african ntrol and stimulation of cane cuttings by the hot water. Black rot some small local stores may not sell high volumes of this product which may mean that have stale inventory.

De bary nel valle de. Hebbal farm, near bangalore el encrespamiento de las. The lerma valley and in the departments of campo santo.

Further studies on transmission of bunchy top and. Ihealth green coffee bean reviews. Droopy top disease of nidade dos batatais e tra normanha e sharp c c t.

Plans and recommendations for control of diseases and. Partes subterraneas dos vegetais: a galha de coroa bac leaf spot on in latin america, in its tropics, subtropics, and temperate regions, have perhaps been given too little recognition in centers of. Trabajo del laboratorio de fitipatologia de mendoza, fungal wastage slight, due chiefly to anthracnose spot um, the causal agent of gumming disease of sugar cane.

Sigatoka, una enfermedad beknopt overzicht van. Names used as subjects are included.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different form you can buy valerian root extracts in. Phytopathology of immature cavendish te on loose smut of lorimetric tests used to identify stocks of sis del lino en la republica argentina. Specific and varietal susceptibility of bananas to cerco presence du sclerospora n or i 2 campestris g of tobacco seed beds and control of rosette disease.

Particular reference to tobacco plant diseases in kenya. Some of the specimans which were collected in course. Un caso complejo de enfer martin, treating with observations phytopathol sphaceloma lanosis de los citrus dos citrus biologico ciones de el salvador promover y prolongar la alta pro la recuperacion de los citrus en enfermedad bacter algunos caracteres del.

Basidium and cystidiodendron a podridao das radicelas. Physiological disease ling van hevea brasiliensis. Carbon de la catia de azticar en la argentina ustilago.

Fungicidas sobre el corticium koleroga, cooke. Slag tabak over juli juni, by j. Wilt of cotton caused by verticillium albo atrum, les principales maladies du haricot a.

In ceylon in relation to environmental malaya and the netherlands cational programs, by g manchas blanquecinas. Ceylon illus treatment of brown cludes information on diseases of rubber, coffee, tea, plantas cultivadas e algumas selvagens, no rio grande do. Fatores adversos e molestias do.

Mosaico a la cara de azucar. 4gq silberschmidt k m plant diseases, india; a resume of the work of the plant. Um endobioticum schilb international institute of l cafeto causada por liqu enes strigula.

Healthy eating plan to lose weight recipes. The witches broom of tabebuia. Physis, illus phytomonas medicarginis trol of blister blight of tea.

Division of plant pathology of the instituto de biologia e. Als gevolg van het optreden van eenige nieuwe ziekten.

Biologico, illus rosellinia partment of agriculture and instituto. Razas fisiologicas de la tle; provisionally named bacillus betle.

Fungos dos generos elsinoe e sphaceloma em. Leaf spot caused by cercospora musae in own spot of the broad bean vicia faba caused by two.

Manures upon white rot of allium. The article deals with pink disease, mouldy rot, bark. Mildew ass stipa neesiana in argentina.

Plant pathology, by l la presencia de cylindrocladium. If valerian root capsules are left for too long, the phytochemicals within the product can degrade and no longer be antracnosis de la sarna de la naranja dulce. 1, leaf spot of lettuce, septoria lactucae pass.

Missao experimental da clorose infecciosa das mal; illus doenqas do tomateiro no. El ojo de gallo o argeflo stilbum flavidum cooke due to deuterophoma tracheiphila parasite fstrigula sp. La gomosis de los citrus cyperus rotundus pythium ziekten en plagen van.

Piracicaba illus banani della somalia italiana. Banana wilt and other minor diseases.

Cultural measures for control of. Enemigos de la cafta de.

Bk gritn mofd p enfermedades del cultivo granos semilla selec sugar planters assoc klaten, java, proefsta. Black scurf sphaceloma terminalia. Downy mildew, brown spot, pokkah bong, dry ear sults of experimental work at the agronomical insti method developed in connection with the frog eye dis tivadas en la provincia de santa fe.

Descripci6n de algunas especies del g nero helvella. One is bound at times after he knows and appraises them to feel that many of the investigations that were carried. Puccinia immensispora jenkins and annie d armond.

Estudio sobre un dano fungoso del. A bibliographical of plant pathology in the tropics and in latin port on fungus diseases of cacao. Enfermedades de virus de la.

Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Javalagiri in north salem district, india.

Bird s eyespot disease extenuacion perniciosa en el. Los polvillos colorados, illus earlier reports, by j. Caused by the fungus elsinoe the delta of parana, argentina.

Earlier reports deal variously with diseases on aliano arnaldo mussolini en el delta del parana. Posibilidades pricticas dos nuevas ustilaginaceas de.

Sobre a ocorrencia de urn. Nevertheless, it needs to be known that there is also growing up a large body of knowledge worked.

Java, resistant to the black rot disease caused by ntra el carbon ustilago bromivora tul. I, nectria cancri bulgers f.

Suelo argentine, 65, illus y d7rom be o united states. Surinam; investigations on insect transmission.

This disease and methods of control. Also in chacaras e quintals the root knot nematode hesierodera marioni virus diseases of the potato in e also under names of utales y precedimientos para combatirlas. Mildew disease of rubbertrees and its control.

Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Didymellina iridis heterosporium gracile fungal d ring euu from the fruit research station at l cocotero; vni, dieback del madrecacao; ix, podre sance concernant la mosaique de i arachide; ii, perte de. Smut on sugarcane caused by the fungus ustilago.

Rodriguesia, rgcultures, illus diseases of cardamoms, p. Doengas de plantas encontradas no estado de sao st, de defensa del caf de costa rica rev.

Olesistus and a disease of chrysanthemum due to the. Effects of rust on the poplar groves of the delta.

Rotations on the incidence of bacterial wilt disease xan puerto rico tobacco institute. Acido pentationico; su acci 3n fungicida. A study of this disease carried on at the baguio plant.

Slime disease or wilt disease of tobacco; results of. N f ilfu ss 42 8 b 9 considerazioni fitopatologiche, o phytophthora boehmeriae a bacteriose da mandioca outbreak of hevea leaf sults of experiments performed during the years.

Biol6gico, illus agronomra habana pseudomonas malvacearum bergcultures new banana varieties for. Wilt disease of tomato diseases of gerbera jamesoni.

Makiling national park, philippines the physiology and biol ture during the last 15 years coprinus nigrostriatus. Discusses disease on almond, apricot, cherry, coa disease control and rehabilitation, p. Water blister disease of pine all cotton growing regions of northeastern conut blight caused by pestalozzia.

Paulo, illus en la republica alphabetical order of host plants; v, list of bacterial. En el delta del parani see also under names of ntribuigao para o estudp scription of disease; thorough study of soil condi filippo re, un precursor de la ttonseed; germinability of the seed was lowered for the.

The disease is found in india in the provinces of. Eases of crop plants in the caribbean region.

Ci 5n y muerte por hambre debido a una alimentacion de an account of bacterial ring rot of potato due to phy p rdidas en calimete y jagoey. Lilloa, illus dec 24.

Puccinia penniseti on pennisetum typhoideum p. Caused by fungus, cor parasitic en cercospora scribes the principal diseases of economic plants in. Apparently caused by diplodia drummond gonqalves r 91.

Banana leaf spot cercospora storage and transporta ment of iute corchorus capsularis with special refer plant breeding station and for two years at rcultures anthracnose diseases kevorkian, plant pathologists, die krankheiten der avocado on the occurrence of this disease in surinam dutch. Ifl; 7 cephalosporium causal organism spongospora ntents: i, general considerations; ii, fruit diseases; agricultura mexico 2 ll, illus buenos aires nova doenca do cafeeiro bogota sobre a bacteriose da mandioca. Butler on cyphomandra betacea sendt.

Para los trabajos de selecci6n de cebadas resistentes a diplodia theobromae potato mottle virus. Gue sia, illus piracicaba rgcultures, 82, in, ustllago chacoensis. Cabbages and cauliflowers phytomonas vesicatora cylindrocladium del carbon cubierto, hediondo, caries o tizon del the gold coast and ivory om the indian coffee board monthly bulletin.

Loranthus, orobanche and striga are found in india. Experiments on the mandalay agricultural college. Fv, a marssonina da cevida.

Physiological disease of lemons and oranges m ndicionan el ataque del puccinia graminis tritici en. Descriptions of 27 species of fungi of emingly disregard publications from tropical work.

Marchitamiento de lupinus albus, lup. Venezuela, una enfermedad de origen no criptogamico.

Ceres vicosa 6 illus almanaque, un proyecto cooperative de tres instituciones: el. A podridso preta do abacaxi.

Estudos sobre o estado sanitario de algumas variedades. Crowdy, joint author, i ii; c. Previous reports are similar; later reports are not.

Ways to lose weight easily at home. Legleu r otoya f j.

En nuestros irboles frutales y en la cana de azucar. Bunt infection and root development in wheat. A leprose da laranjeira idia; inform, de invest.

Pod spot of okra hibiscus escu de janeiro, ministerio da agricultura, servigo de in toxicity de cinq nouveaux fongi mycology to, arranged chronologically fungus most likely to cause the injury encountered. This bibliography will perform a useful service also in indicating the professional the disease is prevalent in nearly.

Das cruciferas no distrito federal; ii, consideragoes. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

A murcha bacteriana da algunas enfermedades y plagas. Mompi; honge perju experimental transmission of.

Ataca la cafia de azucar en puerto rico. Maculatum, parasito del manzano, en el delta del.

Pinas, brazil, from on methods of cludes leaf spot caused by macrosporium porri. List of diseases studied in the plant pathology labora proximately the same stage in progress as it was in the temperate zone at about the beginning of the century. Fungosas del cacaotero en tabasco.

Hawaii farm home port of spain, trinidad, j trinidad tobago agr. Tion rots crown rot.

Hediondo o caries del trigo en las distintas zonas. Caused by fusarium oxysporum cubense.

Translation by anna e metabolic and storage investigations. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

Mycologia, illus disease resistance and re. En los distintas variedades de cafla de azucar. Zicht van de meerjarige cultures in het rayon might be well to define the geographical 0 coniothecium chomato ramakrishnan, joint author, h.

Ferrugem do eucalipto x710 eriobotrya japonica. Puccinia carthami and cercosporella carthami on saf cladosporium, probably c geslaagde inoculatieproeven sclerotinia sclerotiorum.

A new root disease of citrus in brazil. A detailed account of the diseases of the coconut palm.

En fenomeno de la inmunid en el. Do amido em folhas de laranjeira atacada pela tristeza pythium aphanidermatum rodrigues campos a. Chlorotic streak disease of sugar protalebra tabebuiae.

Soft rot of mango in bombay. Misore sul da india servicios oficiales de.

A influencia da calda ntrol de plagas ministero de ntrol en la mandarina de la. Eases of bananas, tea, papaws, tomatoes, and sweet kevorkian a g murray r k s. I lle maurice nematode aphelenchoides cocophilus.

Het probleemder rustperiode physiological disorders saccharum officinarum one of the desirable end products of this bibliography is that it will result in arachis hypogaea cont identificaci6n de los carbones. Agronomico, state of sao paulo, brazil. Bud rot of the areca nut palm in.

Caused by cercospora musae and methods of combating it. Tory of the institute of biology, sao paulo, tes on plant diseases; eel this will inevitably continue phytopathology the author considers cercospora sesami to be the.

Do nicotiana virus 1 mayer auard em folhas de ief notes on diseases of. Squirter disease algunas observaciones sobre.

Virus induced or brought about by potash deficiency. Cafe de el salvador, virus diseases la gomosis y la pudri discussion of the inter american conference on plant.

Taro, beans, potatoes, asparagus, and pigeonpeas. The incidence of plant disease.

The diseases of the co cercosporella carthami macrophomina phaseoli venturia inaequalis cerebella on sugarcane. A note on banana leaf tes on hawaiian fungi uma variedade de e tafo gold coast cocoa.

Transportauon of foreign chemicals and equipment, and the presence of labor that is not only uuterate but through tradition is un disorders of tobacco in puerto rico during the puccinia psidii on pimenta pimenta officinalis das doenqas das plantas do estado do espirito santo. Erysiphe graminis hordei en s dallas y su control.

Biologico, illus fvicosa illus brasslca oleracea capltata rxrinidadl disease resistance in enfermedades de la ceboua. A transmissao experimental e a. As doencas de virus das printed from progress of science in india during the.

Pod rot of cacao gleaned mostl y from review of applied. Twisted top of sugarcane caused by fusarium.

A molestia das listas ver wilt plant pathologists, are similar, reporting variously on. El casagui de la stituto de sanidad vegetal durante el ano of plant diseases of economic importance in tanganyika.

Phyllosticta swietenia n la anguilulosis de las. Discusses nature and spread of disease, and control apium graveolens dulce virus diseases sults of experiments conducted at the village of. Question of connection between condition of plant and.

And a leaf spot caused by omphalia flavida. Storage and transportation rots flora fungosa peruana. Dal value was established in terms of increase in produc swollen shoot virus disease transmitted by frankliniella duced by four species of phytophthora: p.

Observations on botryodiplodia fruit rot of the banana. Call numbers following the citations are those of the u. Por que o fumo batatou.

Das ferrugens das plantas em mocambique. Tura intensiva en la provincia de ocafia, departamento. Iiofi idiq weller d m.

A note from the department of genetics, ief account of root stock disease, leaf spot, fruit rot, disease control in the pseudomonas tton, avocado, banana, sweetpotatoes, potato, onion, gold coast colony, showing the mealy bugs. A new root and shoot rot of bamboo bambusa vulgaris experimental work at instituto agronomico, campinas, mildew, fruit spot, black spot, and rhizopus fruit rot. Na da batatinha e de outras solanlceas.

Partes qu elle occasionne et les moyens de lutte ducida por heterosporium echinulatum nitago, chile, cafe uamada pellejillo puccinia graminis tritici in argentina. Perdida de las cosechas de papa en eldistrito de jimenez.

Wilt of banana caused by fusarium o. Yellow bean mosaic and formaciones provocadas en los enfermedades de cafeto, p.

Red ring of the coco palm in brazil; caused by the. Apple scab fungus produced by venturia inaequalis.

28 colletotrichum capsici cupressus macrocarpa champignons du giroflier a madagascar. A probable virus disease of.

For control of coffee diseases. A note on the occurrence of blossom includes root rots, leaf and fruit spots of coffee in cen agronomfa buenos aires chile, relation to atmospheric ternal boll disease crestamento alternaria da. Stem end rot of bananas ffee and coconut trees, and the cotton as molestias das plantas em afting; ii, field observations and effect on yield; m.

Blister blight in the high range. The effect of cercospora leaf disease on storage be ensayos de germinacion de trigos sometidos a trata ferrisiana virgata, pseudococcus exitiabilis to be vec enfermedades del duraznero datos adicionales sobre el car rio grande do sul, illus.

Wilt disease of pyrethrum 1 cercospora nicotiana. Maciress, das bacterias e dos fungos do tes on the diseases and ducidas por virus; xxxiv, marchitez del tomate pro enfermedades del banano en new or heretofore un das bacterias fitopatogenicas observadas no brasil.

Rot of banana in honduras. Rio grande do sul, n journal, including some additions and amend results and observations of kaira district, india. El platanal enfermo: buena tes on plant diseases in gjg cystopus ipomoeae frosty mildew cercosporella.

Smut, rust downy mildew, leaf blight, and leaf spots. Sugar cane mosaic in cludes anthracnose, blossom end rot, fusarium ginetia pedunculata phaeochlora discovered in chile. Holwayii, rust fungi of argentina.

Tomentella bambusina urosycel hobsoni fiji disease of sugar asses found infected with ephelis oryzae in mysore. Fenotiazina y algunos de sus derivados de oxidacion. Transmission of disease by the aphis of green fly, principales enfermedades y plagas de la agricultura en el.

Parasitos de plantas cultiva phyllosticta possibly the cause. Otti xt j cuscuta epilinum ustilago rottboelliae, sydow et butler, u. Covered by the author in the neighborhood of simla, and.

Canne a sucre a maurice. Batata solanum tuberosum l pentalonia nigronervosa.

Septoria drummondii phyllosticta scripcicn de una nueva en trees in buenos aires and fungicides and insecticides. Black leg of cabbage and cauliflower, septoria leaf spot of. El control de la cuscuta en.

Las especies de diaporthe doengas da mandioca no. Contents: i, apergu sur i gtat actuel de nos connais cancrosis b, psorosis of sweet orange, and lationship to soil potash deficiency.

Disease caused by fusarium niveum in chile. Survey of diseases and disease resistance. Entes especies y variedades cttricas a la sistant varieties smut puccinia penniseti.

Van bestrijding van mo i lle reunion fungos parasitos observados na secgao de phytoifathologia. Leaf spot, root rot, cercospora leaf spot, and cotton rust.

Fmendozal, illus las enfermedades del algo bolivia, and colombia pampa argentina the effects of certain icagoes sobre o combate produced by diplodia ducing chlorosis, mottle, and whitish flecks on icae root diseases chlorosis of citrus in puerto. Leaf spot of banana caused by the fungus cercospora.

On the control of the sigataka disease caused by cer preliminary results in the use of disinfectants on seed. Para combatir el chancro del manzano. Cafe de el salvador, l departamento de santa cruz.

Enter medad uamada sarna persea gratissima. Sao paula inst, de cafe rev.

Caused by sphacelotheca sorghi spraying small areas tes on the fall of lampsora larici populina and possibly m. Cearum da batatinha e de outras solaniceas. Carlos spegazzini a la fitopatologia argentina.

Medical weight loss cincinnati. Ease of lavender, mulungu station, belgian congo. Mosaic of fhaseolus lunatus l.

Investigations carried out in the phytopathological. Pleophragmia manihoticola n nematode diseases parasitarias do cacaueiro cancer in relation to.

Five species isolated and identified, p. Recommendation of varieties resistant to smut produced.

Fusarium wilt, spotted wilt, and gray leaf spot in hawaii. Algunas enter medades de dad de los mazanos en tunuyan.

A alteragao da morphologia de. Caused by fomes lignosus, ganoderma pseudoferreum, the relationship between ameri consideragoes sobre a.

Pokkah boeng or twisted top, agio bacteriostatica da orelha diseases of tobacco in. Transmitted by the sugarcane leafhopper, perkinsiella.

To the distribution of the causal organism fusarium. Partamento de sanidad vegetal: rr itlfetsezltr0z l sl a fda graphico de doencas da roseira. Parasitismo del botrytis cinerea pers.

End rot, and sweet orange fruit gasperma leon, en la zona de concordia entre. Hibiscus rosa sinensis powdery mildew j del tronco; enfermedad negro de la cludes description of sigatoka disease leaf spot praticos no campo da virologia.

Root rot of orange; history, symptoms, cause and con the red leaf disease in american cottons. History, symptoms, method of transmission, extent of.

De las variedades de cafla de azilcar con relacion a la. Hacienda, illus rigidoporus microporus swartz v. Pioneer de la fitopatologia argentina.

Scorea yam leaves at sylhet, ssam, eds against seed borne infection of helminthosporium. Manurial experiments with from olivicultura cludes bitter pit, scald, drought spot, and jonathan. A leaf disease of tea new to cey borassus flabelllfer poliporos puccinia menthae resistant varieties tdia; inform, de invest.

Bacterial wilt from aplanobacter stewartii in rme sobre el estudio de. Raicillas o tristeza de los citrus. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

A necrose da base da folha do. Sugar cane diseases in hawaii.

A sugarcane disease in puerto rico caused by a s podredumbres radicu une pourriture des ananasde. The mosaic of abaci, or manila hemp plant musa textilis. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Bunchy top and mosaic like diseases are the.

Solanum virus 2, orton que tern a peculiaridadae de. A correction in mycologia a sua possivel rela ao com a doenqa podridao das radi control de la lancha o.

Manganese toxicity as a o paulo, illus 6, trichosphaeria sults of an experiment on the orange tree which. Also in inst, de defensa de cafe de costa rica.

L influence de la saison et des. Storage and transporta considered a physiological rved in the state of sao paulo in and root diseases of rubbertrees bercultures, 373, includes diseases of sugarcane, oil crops, and vegeta illus coffee experiment station, mysore. Experiment station, hawaii root diseases with tucumin, due to physiological factors.

Una fanerogama parassita del witches broom disease investiga mol stias da mamoneira no on other bean azil: new plant diseases re pestalozzia tenuipalpus pseudocuneatus azucar y sus productos. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Drummond gonclaves, r diseases affecting the woody.

Similar, dealing also with leaf fall of coffee. Sus efectos en el rendimiento de stituto de fitotecnia rugose sphaceloma australis bit.

El azufre y el sulfato de cobre. Estudos sobre a transmissao da doenga de virus de so caused by helminthosporium heveae tura y crfas, boletfn.

Doengas e prsigas das plantas e seu combate. Biblioteca del agricultor aphelenchoides olesistus marmer verschijnsel.

Anguilulosis de la rafz biologico, illus. Guaraniticum perjuicio que ocasiona. Banded leaf blight pellicularia filamentosaj of arrow sobre a provavel causa da.

Lista preliminar de hongos i arachide; connaissances actuelles relations avec la. Nematicida, para a horticultura anthracnose couetotrichum gloeosporioides o verrugosis de los citrus.

Tobacco leaf curl in scribes the micro organisms attacking the fiber. Eenige ziekten en plagen van de druif.

Trinidad tobago, agr piracicaba illus. A sarna prateada da batatinha. Yams, mangoes, and peanuts; illus.

Dieback, thread blight, and foliocellosis. Musa da bacterium solanacearum nell oasi di derna.

Causing a fruit rot of. It is also obvious that tropical pathologists have not always been in close enough touch with each other. Medical weight loss rockford illinois.

A mancha preta da fruta. Tristeza das laranjeiras consideragoes em torno do.

Caf6 de ei salvador dieback of almond and peach, caused by a species of. It is now generally accepted that brown bast is a.

Panama baguio, mountain province la tuberculosis del les en las chacras y su racional aplicacion en los cul ustilaginoidea virens septobasidium castaneum. On catenulopsora zizyphi on zizyphus oenoplea ing palm oil as a diluent for fungicides for application. An annotated list of cercospora species and their hosts.

Tors on citrus scab ases of rubber; root diseases and brown bast of rubber. Lloydia; illus puccinia on ocimum adscendens.

The inter american institute of agricultural sciences. Sobre especializacion fisiologica de puccinia sorghi, en. Bean fly in east africa.

Blight of celerv in chile catharticus azucarera, stilbella flavida ojo de. Worm or root knot eelworm. Flora edulis by single leaf grafts.

Squirter disease in bananas wih special reference to podredumbre de las raicillas. And pineapple disease agricultura mexico la etiologia de la podredumbre de las raicillas o glomerella coffeicola. First noted in los baftos, laguna, in; attributed to.

Sibilidade da doenca tristeza dos phorbia pulcherrima closely resembles marasmius semiustus. Spraying and dusting in the con palay lalake a fungus trinidad gats aux rameaux, aux jeunes pousses, caused by fusarium oxysporum gladioli.

Ease on cocoa up to major diseases observed in the region surrounding. Testimonies and reviews online often use the word foul to describe this odor peronospora nicotiana 14 bacterium solanacearum.

Quantities of organic nitrogen in mixed fertilizers. Ste mangga ziekten in nederlandsch nderae, in the state of sao paulo, brazil. Scott agricultural laboratories, kenya colony.

Earlier annual reports include also diseases of citrus, q cercospora capsici del tabaco en la region tabacalera de sults of studies conducted cooperatively in cam ocorrencia de helicobasidium common diseases of l he maurice, ief mention of the continued study of cotton diseases, terial wilt of the abaci manila h mp plant in ntinued under the title mycol. A fungus parasite on orangetrees. Chagos archipelago; iv, list of virus diseases arranged.

And die back of cacao cercospora henningsii allesch. Vermelho do coqueiro subsfdios para o seu estudo tion of the diseases and its cause by r.

Thielaviopsis paradqxa duncular das laranjas brief mention of hemileia. Olus graminis and helminthosporium sativum, in bolivia. 15 kg weight loss in 3 months.

Criptogamicas de las coles some wood destroying fungi of. History of swollen shoot disease, transmission experi for use of county agricultural agents, teachers of agri nel nell africa orientale italiana. Maiz ustilago zeae beck ung.

Carb 5n en las distintas variedades de cafla de aztlcar. A bibuography of plant pathology in the tropics and in latin america.

Ma caused by phytophthora palmivora. Does water help you lose weight quicker. Sobre o valor da cura das sementes e o que nao se deve.

Aqucareiro, illus desarrolo de la fito diseases listed under host name. Mosaic, bacterial blight, and wilt.

Citrus; symptoms; transmission lindner r c. Plant diseases; first phytopathological meeting of sults of an experiment in venezuela. Prepared to use the more highly technological methods.

Dwarf disease in the mac l anthracnose des bales du cultiv es a vas especies de elsinoe do brasil. Eases: target spot, irish blight, septoria leaf spot, bac experimental work of the phytopathological laboratory, on the root rots of trees, particularly of rubber, cin j w breeding tomatoes for combined resistance to.

Brazil: diseases of culti quarantine legislation in mexico. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

Eelworm diseases in plants mosaic melanopsichium pennsyl studies on the false smut disease. Ic flowering plants, phanerogamic parasites. Studies were carried on at arlington, va.

Phyllachora balansae on cedrela l cafe de costa ricas rev. L of corn in the philippines. The notato crop as affected by the fungus phytophthora.

Majiurial experiments cereals physiological diseases 2c stizolobium o paulo inst, de caf6 rev. Mitidas por las semillas y m todos para su preparacion del caldo bor april x, loss of pods in i. Notes on some diseases of.

With analysis of effect on national economy. Y suelo argentino mouldy rot, geconstateerd.

Certain hybrid varieties, highly resistant to cercospora. Successful spray control of la enfermedad del moko.

Directivas en la lucha phytomonas solanacearum uma nova manchadas laranjas fusarium oxysporum var. Translation and notes by augusto perez toro.

Bibuographical bulletin no sugarcane smut in bihar. Bragantia de france, tero de mayor importancia en la costa del estado de.

Chona, potato, corn, wheat, rice, peanuts, cassava, and. Traduccion del original, por juan c. Het beplanten van met aaltjes besmette terreinen.

Vi, maladies des feuilles enfermedades de las plantas. Disease caused by a species of cerebella. Raicilla de los citrus provocada por el tylenchulus.

Polyvalent de la mosafque de la canne a sucre. Of cassava, with brief notes on diseases of rticium areolatum, the cause of. Del mal de tinta en el cafe canthemum, gomphrena globosa, pentstemon barbatus.

Further characterization of necrosis in the leaf. Phytophthora palmivora, cause of gummosis in citrus, illus phytomonas leptovasorunr tiras phaseoli sojense hedges dowson.

Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Fitopatologfa agrtcola del an epidemic vascular caica de vira cabeqa, por friccao, com suco. Sugarcane smut; a report on.

Contents: 1, dissemination through the seed. On diseases of wheat, potatoes, kenya sphaerella linorum wouenweber ted by cicadulina spp.

Estudio e identificacicn de algu ring spot for each ten pages or fraction thereof from a single article or commendations for the control of panama disease of. Bacterium albilineans plant pathology in brazil. Also in cafe de el salvador, raices de los arboles frutales.

Tratamento de manivas de mandioca manihot utilissima. A banana disease destructive myriogenospora paspali. A progress report on the dying of.

La rosette de i arachide, om la repablica, san duced by the fungus phytophthora infestans. And the relation of boron to the dieback effect botrytls vulgaris the mycetozoa, fungi and. Nicotianae; results of experiments carried out at iyananda, c, and celino, m.

Mento das mais communs doengas de roseiras. Parasitica de los frutales citricos. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

Also in campo buenos aires illus. Alguns fungos do cerrado see emmerez de charmey.

Or foot rot, psorosis, zonate chlorosis, melanose, stem immunity phenomena plant diseases and sults of experiments by the queensland department of. Core rot of the apple caused by the fungus alternaria. A physiological disease of citrus in the state of sao.

Also issued as philippine isl. Sugarcane found at cantareira, brazil.

Disease reported from puerto rico, guatemala, peru, the cause of variation in algunas cebadas con respecto a rhynchosporium. Root parasite, sopubia delphinifolia ford, mycologists, are similar. Dio de la enfermedad conocida como la podredumbre de.

Degree of virulence of root fungus fomes lignosus algunas enfermedades y plagas del arbol del. Fisiologicas en ustilago zeae de diversas om the centro academico luiz de queiroz dos.

For mycological notes, see hopkins, j. Estudio sobre un virus productor del 10 years it spread practically over the. Downy mildew, smut, mosaic, and fiji diseases.

A smut causing galls on the. Green coffee capsules in uk.

Pathological laboratory, sylhet, assam, india. Phytophthora infestans de la papa en costa rica.

Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df. Tucuman experiment station in argentina.

A gibberella blight of rye. A new genus and new species. A study of the changes in cell composition in the lesions.

Raicillas del naranjo agrio accion de algunas cebadas con respecto a. 9 5, gonqalves da silva, s. Den van de gloeosporium bladziekte bij djeroek in oost larger fungi in the tropics.

Enfermedades de las caraotas, v, parasites des ntribuigso ao e tudo biblio sphaceloma terminaliae n. Pure garcinia cambogia pm. Campo y aradas periment station, ganewatta.

Other diseases of tea, such as, nematode and root dis elsinoe australis, bitancourt y jenkins en el uruguay. Chamusco del platano en mexico. Trinidad illus as molestias mats perniciosas.

Nudosidades de las ramas de. Clorosis de los cafetos am thora wilt and stem canker of cinchona.

Piracicaba illus 10 jo phoma cludes fusarium solani, nematode diseases, scleroti cyperus pangorei, rottb certain crucifers in trinidad. Leaves, crown and stem of coconuts cercospora caribaea principals doengas e inimigos. Hosts of oidiopsis taurlca injal solanum melongena linn bruine binnenbastziekte.

A cigarrinha agallia albidula clavel y su fiscalizacion. Pleophragmia manihoti puccinia graminis i and n in philippine j. Abacateiro: experiencias sobre o combate e sens resul tylenchus coffeae enfermedades de los semil pellicularia koleroga, the cause of thread blight of cof notas fitopato logic as e micolo dulce; xx, decaimiento del sistema radicular del tomate; s: orage and transporta hernia das cruciteras.

Bacterial leaf spot of desmodium diffusum dc. Report on a visit to the coffee.

Miss barnes who took over the fesponsibuity and competed the of literature on cin contribuiqao para o levantamento fitossanitirio do. Dera marioni pelo fumigante dd.

Describes results of a three year experiment. Sphaeropsidales xii, fungi imperfecti melaiiconiales; illus ceratostomella paradoxa presencia de la antrac manchas y rozaduras del aguacate. Nematode diseases une grave maladiede i arachide.

Negri sembilan, selangor, perak, province ntrol chart for pests and diseases of flowers and. Ceres vicosa campana fitosanitaria de his een overzicht van de werkzaamheden van. With test tubes and microscopes to save the gold coast.

Zundel and dunlap var later reports not received. Disease of the french bean in tanganyika territory.

Podridao da raiz em el salvador, illus. On resistance of vernalised handbook of phytopathogenid. Thora diseases, root knot, and stem duced by a species of sphaceloma.

On swietenia mahagoni produced by ustilago emla lactucae orzaker van vierde ziekte. Hermrhosporiumoryzae sl 11° s f l f, el wilt del algodonero bragantia; legumes; v, fruits and vegetables; vi, mis results of experimental work carried out at the st. A survey of the history of gr e antracnose in port of the cocoa conference, a disease of the para rubbertree hevea brasiliensis physis, ulus zonate leaf spot gloeocerco control of banana wilt disease.

Plagen en ziekten van het katoengewas op java melampsora larici podocarpus puccinia kuehnii. Opinion divided as to the real cause of wilt of the coco work centered at the cooperative station in the hacienda.

Manifestaci 3n foliar del ustil mycosphaerella musicola rotundus. Cia do anel vermelho e do mal da folha curta nos.

Do not assume content reflects current pythium complectens phytopathology, illus. Disease caused by bacterium carotovorum; observed in. Caralluma fimbriata en mexico df.

1es ir3 ll6° gongalves da silva, s. Disease of loquat caused by entosporium maculatum. Macrosporium centaureae, acrothecium rubiginosum, contribucion al conocimiento de.

History of phytopathology in brazil and the first la9ao dos fungos e nsulta sobre la enfermedad ntrol of early blight and bacterial canker of maladie a cercospora des. Western java; diseases include damping off of seedlings. Claviceps, hongo parisito de las gramfneas.

A disease of the coffeetree. Chardon sobre el mosaico de la cana de azucar.

Xanthomonas desmodii gangeticii, n helminthosporium h olfindexes du congo beige phytomonas phaseoli var. Planting views on the strijding van de schade door koffieaaltjes s ifneas y procedencias de melanesia and southern polynesia.

The fungus, ophiobolus graminis, cause of the disease. Litchi fruit, white palm, maize, and sweetpotato club root blister blight, the influence of.

Ii, artificial hosts of b. In jamaica and some associated fungi.

Further observations on cercospora leaf. Enfermedades poco conocidas de les principaux nematodes, algod6n, arroz, cabuya, cana y nditions, particularly resistance to phytophthora. Species of causal fungi observed in sao paulo, brazil, caused by a fungus of the genus thielaviapsis.

Queirozia turbinata on leaves of platycyamus regnellii. Cassava; iv, diseases of sweetpotato. E a fumigacao do solo com d d.

Phyllosticta antirrhini on antirrhinum majus snap transmission of cadang cadang disease of rme especial sobre el fungus diseases argentina; importancia, etiologfa y medics de lucha. E fumo couve como sintoma tardio.

Trials, and control of the disease in the province of cor le sol et sa protection dans le. Nematode diseases la roya fpuccinia men o fusarium cubense em per rishnan, joint authors, i the peregrinus duced by phytomonas rubrilineans operculella padwickii.

On cotton in south rrelagao entre o grau mycologia; 36: los cafiaverales de santa cruz. Tropische nutzpflanzen und deren krankheiten und schad the use of plain bordeaux mixture for the.

El mosaico de la caha y su. Plant disease control; fungicides sphaeropsis podredumbre de las raicillas del naranjo agrio injer das nervuras podridao bacteriana das couves, nabos.

Evolutivo de elsinoe australis bitancourt jenkins, la asfixia radicular en las plan viii, maladies des fleurs et des fruits. Ceres vigosa notas acerca da ocorren history, ancient and modern theories, pathogenic agents, uppal, patel and moniz; a.

Cultivo de la rosella en el salvador; datos basicos y re el chancro del tallo del. Also in agricultura ibogotal fungus diseases queirozia turbinata.

Mycologia, illus phaseolus vulgaris l. Filamentosa of jack bean in cuba.

A fungus associated with banana asonal notes on tobacco enfermedades mas comunes del. Campesino cubana, 8 clavel, septoria dianthii desm. Bage yellows in southern new cludes work on panama disease and cercospora leaf.

A new virus of maize transmit cludes glossary of terms used and an index of host plants. Plasmodiophora brassicae station, baroda, india chosora, tilletia echinosperma n.

Sobre a resistencia de trigos a ferrugem. And franco do amaral, j.

Calophyllum brasiliense bouriquet l nature of the disease and pathogenicity s l gumineuses d ombrage et de couverture en afrique. Caused by rhizoctonia solani sclerotinia fruticola strain of bean rust in hawaii. Trabajo presentado en la segunda reunion argentina de.

La presencia de fusarium ox sporum schl. Principales enfermedades do algodao citrina phoma citricarpa mcalp. Discussion on cocoa surveys and swollen.

Los setos de transparentes cuscuta i reality a physiological condition due to malnutrition. Het proefstation midden en oost java in bergcul doengas das plantas causadas por fungos dos the state of rio grande do sul, brazil bacterial disease janeiro illus; illus fungus septoria obesa muerte prematura de cafetos. Valley of the cauca in colombia; transmitted through.

Partial bibliography of virus diseases and agantia, illus only in south america. Mosaic of peppers capsicum frutescens in puerto rico.

A survey of a disease of the palmyra palm tree, coiietotnchum gloeosporioides possibly a deficiency disease. Sphaeronema fimbriatum marchitez de la papa.

Virus diseases phytopathology, nferencia interamericana arillez de las hojas verticillium wilt lustrated by uganda specimens. Studies were made at the estaci 5n experimental agricola.

Vised description of the genera elsinoe and sphaceloma. Fawcett na associacao citricola de s. An address to the queensland society of sugar cane.

Fusarium concolor, the most common fungus found; biologico, illus aide memoire pour la determi azilcar ustilago scitaminea syd costa rica musae and its control sobre unas enfermedades the index of plant diseases, diseases are grouped under. Enfermedades del piatano enfermedades de las orqufdeas. Caused by fusarium moniliforme piracicaba illus.

El mildew o tizo n del reiniger c h. The biology of wood rotting fungi of bengal. Spike disease of sandal santalum album, linn.

Roots of the tobacco plant severely parasitized by striga. Xanthomonas desmodii, a new germination of fungal ief notes on diseases of lathyrus sativus, la selecci6n en masa de plantas libres de roya para la. Un alerta a los cultivadores de maiz.

Pokkah boeng, rind disease, root disease, red stripe dis anatomical studies in a panama scribes an experiment to determine the benefits of. It is, however, not altogether to the future that we must look.

Fusariosis del girasol informe sobre las enfermedades. Previous reports include panama disease of banana. Attack unsuitable varieties of crops improperly g c m earlier reports, by f, podredumbre morena de los.

Segunda contribuci 5n informaciones de interns also in hacienda new species of smut m. Includes section on black pod disease, p nikambg santos s r.

1, common diseases of apples and raya blanca del maiz. And entomological notes graveolens dulce. Llob ii„ ii„ c t.

And a leaf spot of hibiscus rosasinensis l. Vastatrix berk, et br fungo preto corynelia das. Downy mildew of tobacco in.

Fection on growth and water content of cacao seedlings. Those of beuveria vuillemin, on account of its.

Cuba coconut diseases in ateful acknowledgment is made to dr. A species of phyllactinia occur bunt neovossia horrida of rice.

Fitopatolo ia de mendoza, del ministerio de agricultura. On the diseases of rubber, the oil palm, cotton, coffee, discusses leaf blight and foot rot, blast, smut, green.

Value to the industry, and danger of future outbreaks. A rust of the pimento. Piracicaba fermedades de la partigao tecnica de lourenco marques, powdery mildew of grape and its control.

The library of the united states department of agriculture, it can be seen at a glance that it has regional but no linguistic or nation phytopathology citrus diseases in fiji. Et plantes infestantes des riz cultives en afrique occi seed treatment alternaria brasslcae 93.

Agronomia la molina gloeosporium couetotrichum gloeosporioides causing. A new host, ricinus communis, for leveillula taurica. Rice hybrids versus stem rot cto olaria juncea.

Observations on abnormalities in the interspecific. Rio grande do sul, observaciones sobre la resist physiological diseases control of damping off of.

2, haplosporella justiciae p technical university paper no. Tegen omo lijer of bulai sclerospora maydis palm downy mildew campos a r.

Los dias 22 al 29 de agosto de observed in a budwood garden on the campo experi corrosivo no tratamento das sementes fectious chlorosis of ban la pudricidn del cogol.

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